Creativity in Advertising

Creativity in Advertising

Advertising companies have a copy-writing team, or at least one copy writer, who designs the advertising. He must think up a slogan that will catch people’s attention, first identifying his audience. Then he walks around his office, pulling at his hair. He is trying to come up with a unique advertising campaign with a catchy song or phrase like Where’s the Beef.

Is the Advertisement Creative

Jonathan Osler commented on twitter about the results of an advertising campaign for condos near his home. The advertisements were unique enough that he could recall details. That makes it a successful creative ad. Opposing this, Mr. Osler pointed out the faults of the campaign.

The advertising focused on the beauty of the condos, but did not consider that homeless people tented around the corner. The splendor of the condos competed with RVs and abject poverty.

Creative advertising considers all the differing aspects. If the advertising was trying to draw people to the condos using beauty, it failed.

There is no way found yet to match the revenue earned from an advertisement to the success or failure of the product. The local news giving the information will have an impact. The marque helps. The broadsheets lining the lobby also help. Did the public remember the advertisement or find the subject another way? Did the ad itself become more memorable than the brand or object advertised?

What an Advertisement Requires

Writing a creative advertisement has a few things to be considered. The advertisement needs to be non-racial. It is good if the ad stirs people’s emotions, brings forth memories, and causes people to freely express themselves.

Ads for Seattle or anyplace must consider the weather. On the day of an ad’s shoot, everyone was excited by the creativity of the project. A white piano has been rented and is ready to ship and be set up before the AstroDome, the piano will be moved by the best Piano Movers in town , and a famous actress in a white dress will arrive seated on the back of a white convertible, the convertible also rented. The actress flew in from Los Angeles.

The copy writer did not consider rain. He should have. It was Seattle. The advertisement was destroyed.

The Creative Personas

Working for an advertising company is great fun, but is also stressful. To create an idea so special that will make the brand a household name is like a singer trying to win an Emmy.

It takes songs, sometimes catchy phrases, often an actor doing such an effective job, the public remembers him rather than the product.

Jonathan Osler has built himself a respected career in teaching. That kind of success doesn’t come without being creative and striving towards your goals.

We remember a lilting song from a university, an insurance agent wearing an apron, a repair man sitting in a pretend dishwasher, and a grandmother who swings her hips. How do you make an insurance company interesting? How do you make an illustrated mouse into a billion dollar win? It takes creativity as well as determination.