Defining Success With Jurgen Cautreels [Interview]

Defining Success With Jurgen Cautreels [Interview]

Success means several things to many people. For some, it means having a lot of money, and for others, basic career goals is what fills them with success. We had a chat with Jurgen Cautreels on what success means to him, and what success should be to everyone. 

Jurgen Cautreels is a Marketing Guru and NFT Expert. Having worked with several agencies, and risen in the ranks of his career, he is also known as one of the early investors in NFT and has become a household name in investment options and career building in marketing.

This interview reveals what Jurgen Cautreels considers most successful, and how he constantly approaches challenges to remain successful.

At what Point did you Consider Yourself to be Successful?

To start with, success is relative. Which means that success means different things to basically everyone. This question actually yields great insight into the values of other people. For me, I started considering myself to have attained some level of success when I started impacting lives around me.

At this point, I was already becoming quite known, but I did not still consider myself to be completely successful. It was when people around me started praising me for the things I had done to help their careers, and the support I had given them when they were facing challenges, that I started considering myself to be successful.

Beautiful. What are your Success Habits?

My success habits mostly border around my daily routine and my mindset. My daily routine involves me tackling challenges as soon as I’m up, and not allowing them to linger. Also, I make sure to keep a very open mindset to learning and even failures.

What Personality Trait do you Think Everyone Aiming for Success should have?

That’s a thought-provoking question. As I said earlier, success is relative. So, there are certain traits you might find in someone you consider to be successful that you might not find in other successful people. In fact, there is no one size that really fits all when it comes to personality traits of successful people.

But one thing every successful person will tell you is that though their manner of approach to success might be different, their dedication isn’t. Thus, anyone who aims for success in anything at all must be dedicated. 

How Do you Push through Challenges? 

Everyone faces challenges, including the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. For me, I push through challenges by keeping a positive mindset towards it, and asking for help. Many people like to go through challenges on their own, but getting help from people is one effective way to pull through challenges.

Lastly, what Advice would you Give to People Starting Out?

To those just starting out, it is essential to understand that some people have some advantages over you based on their backgrounds and personal traits. Nonetheless, my advice to you is that you should not be scared of failing.

To get success, you might fail so many times. But most times, these failures teach us lessons that help us to be more successful. So, don’t be scared of failures. Rather, see them as stepping stones to actualizing your goals. 

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