Elegance in Business is In

We think of elegance when we see a woman posed artfully in the finest of original clothing on a magazine page. Elegance is much more. It applies to so many different applications, to society, to fashion, literature, art objects, mathematics, and generally, the behavior of people. People are elegant or they are not. No halfway.

Defining Elegance

How does elegance happen? Someone cannot throw rags on themselves and become elegant. Nor can they throw fashion-designed clothing on themselves and become elegant. Clothes themselves don’t make someone elegant and putting them on does not make a person elegant. A person who exhibits natural poise, simple beauty, mature stance, assurance may express true elegance. It is one of those things that is known but not understood why it is known. We see it and know it.

When we try to define elegance, we think of fashionable Pleated maxi gown or dresses, grandeur with style, simplistic, refined taste, and stylish. We think of expensive designer fashion. Fashion magazines with their photos of models wearing clothes most wouldn’t consider wearing in their daily lives, and having to visit a hair salon and have their hair styled is what comes to mind first. Going to a party or event wearing couture dresses like Helen Schifter gives the assurance of elegance.

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Elegance is a package of words. It is refinement, assurance, stylishness, behavior, movement, form, execution, and charm. It is also precision, being simple in refinement, admirably succinct and elegance does not only apply to fashion. Far from it.

Elegance In Life

Elegance is found in many objects in life, even in water fixtures. We sometimes look at older fixtures or older things and all of a sudden see the beauty and elegance of them today. We see them with eyes placing them in a setting and finishes that make them beautiful. They are placed in a different environment and suddenly shine.

The idea of elegance is individual for each of us. No matter how we laugh at what is considered elegant by others, we each form our own decisions.

Creating Elegance

That brings us to what makes elegance. How does it become? What is the difference between the dress we take off the rack and the one considered elegant? Why is that designer so famous?

A person who knows how to create elegance is innovative and brave. It is difficult to step out of the normal and push something we believe in that is so different from the accepted norm. It takes a craftsman who can do that to make something elegant. First, that craftsman must create, and then he must step out of his comfort zone to be able to promote that design. That takes an unusual person.

There is elegance in many things, in luxury furniture, watches, cars, hairstyles, literature, mathematics, glassware, and more. We look for elegance that fits our idea of it. When Helen Schifter wears an original gown to an event, she feels elegant and great, as it should. Elegance evolves and lives because of the feelings it generates.