Essential Lawn Care Tools For New Homeowners

Proud owners of new homes aren’t usually landscapers. They envision pretty flowers, flowering bushes and trees, and lush, green lawns. To make these visions a reality, new homeowners need wild flower seeds and proper tools. They can also seek professional lawn care maintenance services from a local landscape maintenance company.

We understand the first lawn care tool you’ll buy is a lawn mower. Next will be the weed whacker, the leaf blower, along with the rakes, shovels, loppers, and saws. We want to list the five essential lawn tools new homeowners don’t remember until they need them, so get your list ready and head on down to the nearest hardware store.

1. Gardening Gloves

This necessary item is so basic that most new homeowners forget to buy them until they’re bleeding. Mulch as well as soil in general contains bacteria. This means good things for the lawn, but it means infection to new homeowners.

You’ll be pulling weeds, snapping off small branches, getting pricked by thorns and pine needles, among other nature-related activities. You’ll need gardening gloves to prevent insects from stinging you along with things stabbing you.

2. Yard Waste Bags

The waste department doesn’t pick up lawn waste. They will if trash bags are specifically marked, or if the bags are lawn waste bags. New homeowners will be raking leaves, removing excess branches, trimming bushes, and so forth. You’ll need the proper bags in which to place these things.

3. A Reliable Mower

Depending on the amount of land your new home is sitting upon, having a mower that you trust can range from being valuable to absolutely essential. The key is to buy your lawn and garden equipment from a reputable dealer who can work with you if you ever run into any problems and need replacement parts.

Getting a decent mower can be a cost investment, but it’s one that will last you years and more than pay for itself if you get the right one. It’s a basic of lawn care, and makes everything else you need to work on easier to deal with. Read honest craftsman t210 reviews to see if it’s the right one for your home.

4. Garden Hose

Lawn care isn’t the only occupation for a garden hose. There’s washing the windows, hosing off the siding, washing the dog, washing the cars, boats, and RV, wetting down any new cement surfaces like a patio, and, of course, hosing down the kids on a hot summer day.

On the other hand, frustration thy name is a cheap, kinky water hose. They fold up, spring leaks, and leak from the equally cheap hardware attached to each end of the hose.

New homeowners will benefit from buying a better quality garden hose. It won’t kink up or fold over itself. It won’t spring random leaks. The hardware on each end will be of better quality and so won’t leak. Remember to bring it inside in the winter, and your water hose will last you a good long time.

5. Protective Wear

We’ve discussed the importance of work gloves, but we haven’t covered the other ways working in your yard could cause you pain. There’s nothing quite like getting hit in the shins from stones thrown up from the spinning mower blades. Any yard work you do will come to a screeching halt when something gets in your eyes.

To protect your arms and legs from flying debris and insects, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when doing lawn work. Protective eyewear is available at any hardware store, big box store, or department store such as Walmart or Target. They can be bought online as well.