Excellent Gifts Make Long Lasting Clients

What kind of a world do we live in now? We live in a world of screens, technology and remote working, where conversations with colleagues are more likely to take place over an email than over the water cooler and where often, many people ahven#t even met the people or companies they work with in person. While this might work for some industries, for others it doesn’t and the human touch is still important. 

As a customer, it’s very easy to just feel like another number on the list of the companies you are hiring to do various its of work for you; and although we may be becoming used to this mentality, it is by far preferable to feel like you arw a company’s priority and that they are working their hardest to keep you and your individual needs in mind. This is part of the reason why the epidemic of the ‘form email’ is so frustrating – nobody wants to get an email that they can plainly see has been sent out the same to everyone on a mailing list. Even a tailored email can go such a long way to cementing your relationship with your customers, and it should be a non-negotiable part of your service standards that each client receives unique communications they can rely on as having been formed with them in mind.

But aside from communications, there are so many other ways you can ensure that your clients know just how valued and appreciated a part of your business they are; it’s good business to establish a relationship that feels closer to a friendship than a transaction, as it builds loyalty on both sides and results in a more productive, lucrative union for both parties. 

One of the most effective ways to ensure your customers know you are thinking of them is to offer them gifts like personalized water bottles from nevadabottledwater.com. But make sure these gifts are exceptional; don’t send them a soulless bag of company merchandise or generic mini muffins. Put the credit card away as you’re looking at that website filled with uninspiring fruit baskets that will cause a smile for a minute or two at best before being left on the counter in the staff kitchen, forgotten a couple of days later.

Corporate Gifting to customers and clients need to be excellent; they need to show that you are invested in your ongoing relationship with this client. So invested that you feel confident sending them elegant gifts with personalized note cards. Before you send your corporate gift basket orders, here are some of excellent gift ideas…

Vintage wine

An extraordinary and wonderful wine like australian cabernet sauvignon wine is a fantastic way to say thank you for your business and encourage more business in the future. You can impress them more by telling them ways to fix the common problems with wine coolers. Bonus points for this gift if you have the opportunity to speak to your client about their preferred wine before you head to the wine store, and send them one you know they’ll like – it shows attentiveness and class. You can also give out a Custom coaster if you want.

Aged whisky

Going down as smooth as silk, nothing quite says ‘a deal well done’ like a bottle of 20 year aged whiskey at the end of the working week. Sending an expensive bottle of whisky will show you’re committed to your client, invite an ongoing relationship and signify that you have class.

Premium Cigars

One of the most widely recognised signs of luxury and decadence has to be the cigar; there’s nothing quite like the image of a group of high-end business associates enjoying each other’s company in a comfortably carpeted room drifting with wood-smelling smoke. An expensive set of premium cigars are a fantastic gift to include to your high-rolling clients, who want to know that you’re just as sophisticated as they are. A great choice is Premium Maduro cigars, as delicious and aromatic as they are hedonistic.

Sending a gift is a vital aspect of doing business, especially with high end clients who need to know their value and whose loyalty you need to maintain. And one final point to keep in mind is that you must be sure that you know the difference between a real premium gift and something that just looks premium – do your research before sending an important client a sub par gift.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can cut corners elsewhere as long as you invest in a nice gift for the client at the end of the year. If you don’t maintain top notch service and products for your client, then the gifts will come off as anything but classy – they will seem like you are trying to buy your client’s acceptance of shoddy service, rather than thanking them for their continued business. This isn’t a good look. So, while getting thes corporate gifts right is an important cog in maintaining a fruitful client relationship, ensure that it comes on the heels of providing a fantastic service or product – not instead.