Facts About Pesticides

Helen Lee Schifter promotes luxury living which she says doesn’t have to be costly regardless of one status or age. According to Authority Magazine, Schifter shares ideas on the mental and emotional health benefits interior designing and luxury can have on one’s life. She says that people are focused on accumulating monetary wealth without focusing on wellness and health. Due to the hectic day to day lives, she encourages people to lead healthier lifestyles by dedicating their lives to organic living. However, searches on how she encourages people to stay away from food that has been covered in pesticides due to all of the unhealthy chemicals do not exist.

The Environmental Protection Agency explains pesticides as a mixture of substances or a substance meant for mitigating, destroying, preventing or repelling any pest. The pest control services are using different pesticides on different pests. The term cide from pesticide means to kill. Pesticides contain active ingredients which kill living things, metabolites which are products from the breakdown of pesticides and inert ingredients which have the same toxicity as the active ingredients. Pesticides also include desiccants which dry up living plant tissues, plant growth regulators which change the plant’s growth by delaying or inducing flowering and defoliants which cause the plants to drop their leaves.

There are various reasons as to why people should stay away from foods covered in pesticide residue because exposure causes both chronic and acute health effects.

Chronic Health Effects

These are long term and include; disruption of the endocrine system by producing imitating hormones ,cancers of skin, ovaries, brain, testis, prostate and breasts, developmental and neurological toxicity, birth defects ,immunotoxicity and reproductive harm like still birth, birth defects, infertility, abortion and sterility. These effects take a long time to appear in a person and the harm may not be traced back to pesticides. That’s why it’s important to do a regular skin cancer check if you are exposed to pesticides daily.

Acute Health Effects

These are short term health effects and include; diarrhea, stinging eyes, irritation of the throat and nose, nausea, dizziness, blindness, burning skin, blisters and rashes. These symptoms are usually misdiagnosed because they imitate cold and flu symptoms. Anyone suffering from asthma may easily show severe reactions after exposure to particularly carbamate which attacks the nervous system and brain, pyrethrin/pyrethroid which are a synthetic copy of a natural poison and organophosphate which also attack the nervous system and brain .

Both these health effects impact people differently. Infants are more impacted because they are more sensitive than adults. Infants’ nervous system, brain and other organs are still developing and cannot eliminate pesticides like an adult. Also pesticide mixers, applicators and farm workers are impacted more than other people because they receive greater exposures. When it comes to repairing and cleaning up equipment, there’s also a high risk of exposure. You should leave using pesticides to pest control experts.

In conclusion, Helen Lee Schifter promotes organic living through maintaining a healthier lifestyle because it has both mental and emotional impacts on one’s life. She also has a unique understanding of the value of life and not only luxury. So having looked at the health effects caused by pesticides it’s wise to stay away from the unhealthy pesticide chemicals on food.

If your home has been housing rats or mice for months, they may have created entrances that leave your house more susceptible to insects as well. If things continue to get worse as time passes, it’s probably time for pest control services.