Finding a Location for Your New Build

As a home, building, or custom cottage builder, starting a new building project is really exciting, but it’s always a long road ahead. The first step is finding the right plot of land on which to build your new structure, and choosing correctly will set you up for a successful project. Here, we’ve broken down how to start that process into five steps as suggested by Boston SEO company.

  1. Characteristics

The first step in choosing the right land for your new build is to create a set of characteristics that are important for you to end up with a successful project. This list can be split into essential and desirable; make sure you think about this carefully, as listing too many things on the ‘essential’ side of the page will severely narrow your choices further down the line. Once you are happy with your list, it’s time to move on to the next step!

  1. Price range

Establishing your price range is something that has to be taken seriously – otherwise you will find yourself exploring the many options available for land, and convincing yourself it’s okay to spend an extraordinary amount of money, only to regret it later. Even if you’re working with a large project budget it’s important to remember that the overwhelming majority of your funds need to be spent on the actual project, so you need to avoid falling into the trap of spending too much on the land itself.

  1. What’s available

This might seem obvious, but it is an important step. It’s really easy to get carried away with idealistic notions of what you want from your potential plot of land, but in reality you likely aren’t going to find somewhere that ticks every single box. It’s best to have a thorough, comprehensive look at what is available in your location, and evaluate which characteristics each option meets. When you’ve done that, you should be able to make a better decision about which plots of land to shortlist and which to leave on the market for others.

  1. Getting a real view

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection a little to your favourite few possibilities, it is very useful to try and get a clearer view of exactly what you’re working with. Using drones such as the ones from this website can be a great way to do just that. Using drone photography allows you to get a clear view of the area and explore in a way other technology can’t support, making it much easier for you to narrow down your selection of land plots even further – hopefully down to your number one choice.

  1. Visiting the location

Once you’ve succeeded in gaining a good understanding of the area through your bird’s eye exploration, it’s time for you to start planning an in-person visit to get a real feel for the place. Getting a visual inspection of the plot will help you determine the type of land clearing services you’ll need. A professional land clearing service will prepare the plot of land for any type of development of construction you’re planning.

For ease – and perhaps to impress any investors coming along for the ride – you could even group charter a plane which can take you right to your destination on exactly your timetable. This is more affordable than you would think, and has the added benefit of reducing time constraints and stress load by sidestepping existing plane routes and schedules, even if you need to go from one location to another.

Starting your new project is a long road, but selecting the right plot of land is a great first step and hopefully this list helped you start on that process with confidence.