Four Ways to Know It’s Time to Find Your Parents an Assisted Living Facility

The Toughest Decision to Make

One of the toughest decisions you will make in life is deciding to put your parents into one of the trusted assisted living facilities near you. That’s because it’s a frightening time for both you and your parents. You just need to take deep breaths and know that you’re making the best decision for everybody involved. You want your parents safe. You can visit other senior living residences like the ones at and check what services they can offer to meet your senior parents’ needs.

Here are ways to know that it’s time to find your parents an assisted living facility such as assisted living In Tomball, TX.

Can Your Parents Be Left Alone?

The first and most basic question you should ask when it comes to your parents is “is it safe to have them live alone?” If your parents struggle with tasks when they’re alone, it might be time to seek skilled nursing assistance. What can seem like an easy task can have an increased risk of injury when it involves aging parents.

Are Your Parents a Danger to Themselves?

It’s important to evaluate your parent’s condition and ask if they’re a risk to themselves? This is both physical and mental. Can your parent move around enough if there was an emergency? Are they in the right state of mind to know who to call for help if that’s ever needed? These are hypothetical questions that you need to ask yourself. If the answer is no, then it’s time to consider a personal home care service or an assisted living facility.

Do They Forget Simple Tasks?

It can be hard watching your parents get older and struggle with tasks that were once easy for them. If it’s hard for them to bathe, get dressed, feed themselves, drive, and complete other basic tasks then it may be time for an assisted living for seniors. It can be hard for older adults to admit that they need help. If you see them getting frustrated with simple tasks, it might be time to start having that conversation.

Simple tasks can turn deadly when they’re forgotten about. If a parent starts forgetting to turn the stove off, locking the door when they leave, or what side of the street to drive on then there can be deadly consequences.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you’ve been looking after your parents and feel overwhelmed, it might be time to go to Sundial Assisted Living community. You and your parents shouldn’t feel frustrated. When that happens, a relationship can be destroyed. If it’s getting too hard for you to keep a watchful eye on your parents and you no longer trust them, it’s time to make that tough decision. At the end of the day, you want them safe. It’s okay to admit that you can’t do it on your own. Your parent should and will understand this.

If Your Parents Require Extra Help

If your parents are aging and need extra help, it may be time to look into an assisted living facility. Do your parents require special medication? It can be hard for you and them to keep track of when they last took it. Are they in a wheelchair? It can be physically exhausting helping them move.

Overall, it’s a tough decision but one that needs to be made. There are usually obvious signs that will help you to decide when the time is right for an assisted living or memory care living facility. Just remember that at the end of the day, this is the safest option for all parties involved.