Getting Divorced? Take Time To Figure Out These 4 Things

The process of getting divorced is going to be stressful whether you initiated the divorce or not, that is why you will need to have an accomplished divorce lawyer and child custody lawyer by your side. Figuring out your life after divorce is something you need to think about before you even file. The last thing you want is a spouse to use financial blackmail due to draining your joint accounts. You need to plan like your spouse is going to try to get revenge whether you think that is the case or not. Create a checklist of things that you need to figure out before filing for divorce so you won’t regret it. You may speak with a divorce attorney or a family law attorney to know the things you need to be prepared for when you finally decide to file for divorce.

The following are real examples of things that need to be figured out. 

Can You Make It Financially?

Being realistic about making it financially is important as you might need to open a secret savings account. You might not be able to make it for a few months while the divorce and its settlement details are finalized by your lawyer. There could be joint accounts that are frozen leaving both parties to figure out their finances separately. You can always pick up extra work online as there are a multitude of opportunities that allow you to earn daily. 

Child Custody 

Child custody is best done personally with your spouse as you will have to co-parent in the future. You both understand what schedules you both have and what might work. Joint custody can be tough but is possible with a number of people working remotely in today’s world. Unfortunately, people try to use their children as leverage in some situations. Getting family law lawyers involved is always an option as some people want to keep the children from their ex to hurt their ex. Child support is where tension will likely arise as one party might think it is far too high. 

Division Of Property

Finding a division of property lawyer in North Carolina or your state is imperative when you are getting divorced. People are usually going to try to get as much as they can during this process. In more amicable divorces, people are not going to try to “win” this aspect of the divorce. You need to invest in legal representation as you do not want to lose things that you owned long before the divorce. Your divorce lawyer may be more than happy to create a list of things you want and things that you are willing to give up. 

What Are Your Next Steps?

Understanding where you are going to stay or if you are even staying in the same city is important. You might want a fresh start in a new place as you could have moved to be closer to your ex’s family. Take time to write out a plan with goals for the first 6 months after you get divorces. A plan is important to have as you don’t want to make any poor decisions in a panic. 

Getting divorced is going to change your life for the better as unhealthy relationships are bad for your mental health. Being able to wake up without worrying about a spouse and their mood will be quite liberating.