Historical Sites You Should Not Miss in Russia

Russia has a great historical background and this country has been a part of major events from the past. With a large background, this nation is considered as world’s largest country. Enjoy the coastline, glacier, palm tree, megalopolis, small villages, wildlife and many historical sites. Your history book will come to life when you visit Russia. Visa Express can help you take you to this wonderful destination visaexpress.com/visa-for-russia-from-us/ ; now, let’s explore the sites in this virtual platform at first, so that you can plan your holiday accordingly.

  • Lenin’s Mausoleum

You must have read about Vladimir Lenin, he was one of the ruthless rulers of Russia. Lenin was a famous personality in the country because of his terrific deeds. Lenin’s Mausoleum is present in Moscow; his final resting place is in Moscow. And it borders Moscow’s Red Square. The Mausoleum was built in Red Square to house his mummified corpse. Lenin was a philosopher and a revolutionary thinker and a known leader of the Bolshevik party; later he joined the Soviet and became the head of Society Russia. He died on 22nd January because of a store. But he will be remembered all around the world for his ruling regimen. Till today, Lenin’s Mausoleum is visited by millions of people. It’s one of the famous historical sites.

  • Red Square

You can visit one of the famous plazas of the world – Red Square. It’s a public plaza in Moscow, Russia. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Not many sites are recognised by international organisations. UNESCO Worlds Heritage has identified Red Square as a historic site. The world ‘Red Square’ has been derived from a Russian world called “Krasner”, which denotes two meanings – red and beautiful both. This will be the first place you did visit because everyone tries to follow this sequel. Red Square has very impressive surroundings. The best part about this plaza is that it’s surrounded by many other historical sites like State History Museum, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Kremlin.  

  • Stalingrad Battlefield

See the leftovers of deadly World War II. This battle took the lives of millions and destroyed many places. Stalingrad Battlefield is famous for being a part of World War. The Battle of Stalingrad took place from July 1942 to February. His poll hives have marked the history because two powerful nations fought this battle – Germany and USSR fought against each other. As a tourist, you will be able to connect to the place and enjoy moving around. Nothing can be better than standing in the middle of Stalingrad Battlefield and recalling the past.

  • Perm 36 Gulag

Under the Soviet regime, Perm 36 was established. The Gulag was one of the concentration camps or the home of lakhs of forced labours. Whoever was against the state or the enemies were put in that. Perm 36 Gulag has seen the darkest part, so many people died inside that. Now it’s become a tourist hotspot and hunting site too. Instead of labours, now the place is filled with evidence. Perm 36 Gulag can be your destination for Holiday; dig up the past and feel the gravity of that place. Not a time machine, but a Russian Visa is enough to reach there.

  • St Basil’s Cathedral

Your eyes will be pleased after watching St Basil’s Cathedral. This monument is built of ornate red bricks. This is situated in the centre of Moscow’s Red Square. If you’re a fan of paintings and historical items, then no matter when do you travel to Moscow; the door of St. Basil’s Cathedral is always open for visitors. It was built by Tsar Ivan IV to celebrate his victory in the Russo-Kazan Wars. The exotic look of that Cathedral and its history attracts tourists. The feeling of victory has been depicted through this monument.

You can visit many exotic historical sites in Russia. The above-mentioned location is a few examples of the famous tourist spots which’ve ever rich past. Now, it’s your turn to explore them all and enjoy the richness of these places. Discover new facts and make sure that every day of your holidays counts. It’s time to add something new to your travel diary.