Holiday Shopping Made Easy: The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Family Members

The joy of giving should be what Christmas is all about. But gift shopping often brings more stress than joy during the holiday season. 

Finding the perfect gift for family members can be challenging, especially when you’re uncertain about their current hobbies, clothing sizes, or overall style. To be a successful gift giver, it’s important to know how to stay in your lane. One thoughtful solution is to consider versatile and delightful options like gift hampers melbourne. These curated assortments can cater to various tastes and preferences, making them a great choice for those moments when you want to express your thoughtfulness without the stress of picking out a specific item.

Avoid the temptation to push family members into new fads or give items that require new responsibility. 

Choose gifts that reflect your relationship with the family member. Here’s a list of the top five gifts to give family members that show you care. 

1. Memory Books

Keepsakes like memory books are a great option for Christmas. Memories are a universal way to share the love with people you care about. 

Online photo services like Shutterfly allow you to upload photos from a mobile device to quickly create both hardcover and paperback photobooks. Browse options to compare pricing before making a commitment.

Consider a memory book that can be engraved when buying for a parent or older relative. Include the year to help them remember a moment in time or a series of events over the years.

Memories never get old and become a timeless reminder of your thoughtfulness.

2. Meal Delivery

Popular Christmas gifts for moms often kitchen appliances and utensils. If your mom loves ramen, the perfect gift would be these sustainable bamboo chopsticks!

Take a load off her grocery list by getting mom a subscription to a meal delivery services. There are dozens of options ranging from plant-based to chef-quality meals for the week. 

Include her food preferences to ensure she receives deliveries that match her favorite meals. You can also opt to wait until giving the gift to make choices about food selections.

If she doesn’t like meals included throughout the week, she can always get them replaced or skip service for that week. Services range from fully cooked dinners to bundles of recipe ingredients that can be prepared in less than an hour.

3. Plane Tickets

It’s impersonal, but plane tickets are an evergreen need. Pick up a gift card to a major airline at the nearest airport.

This is a pricier gift option but practical for family members to have on hand. Plane tickets can help them out in an emergency or when looking for ways to cut vacation costs. 

Size matters with the gift of airfare. More money gets more miles.

Reserve this gift for the splurge-worthy relative or a spouse. It can be a lovely surprise if your partner has been dying to take a faraway trip and you haven’t taken the time to make the arrangements.

4. Charity

What do you get the person who has everything? Nothing.

Donate the gift money to charity instead. Choose a cause dear to your heart or that means something to your family as a whole.

Make the donation in the recipient’s name to mark the occasion. Making a difference in someone’s life who truly needs it is enough to warm the hearts of family members on Christmas morning.

Need help finding a worthy cause? Reach out to your local United Way or Salvation Army for more information.

United Way services charities in most major metropolitan areas. You can make the donation to them directly or make contact with an organization they serve.

5. Food Delivery Gift Cards

Not to be confused with meal delivery, food delivery includes services like Postmates and Uber Eats. Food delivery gift cards come in handy for family members of all ages.

Food delivery comes at a premium cost not everyone can splurge on. College students are prime recipients of this gift idea because they are least likely to be able to afford the high surcharges of meal delivery.

Include an amount that allows the recipient to leave a tip without having to come out of pocket. 

How to Budget for a Gift

Create a budget for your Christmas shopping per person. Aim to come in under this amount and donate the difference to charity.

Making your gift compete with a charity will help you prioritize better on which gifts you’re getting because you mean it and which you are getting just to check a task off your list. 

Your total holiday budget shouldn’t exceed more than 20 percent of your monthly income. If you’re taking out loans or racking up credit card debt to buy holiday gifts, you are overspending. 

Starting the New Year with debt will only contribute to future holiday fatigue. Holiday fatigue happens when you stretch yourself too thin ending up avoiding Christmas afraid it’ll leave you broke again. 

Navigating Gift Ideas for Family Members 

Gift-giving is an art. There’s a fine line to trying to persuade someone to like something and providing something free with no strings attached.

Good gifts make life easier for the person you’re giving it to. But gifts should also be easy for you to shop for. 

Creating budgets should ease financial stress especially when it’s made before the holiday season begins. Take a portion of your paycheck each month to save up for holiday shopping. 

Think of the act of giving gifts at Christmas as a ceremony. Gift ideas for family members should be symbolic of your relationship. For instance, you may give your sister some custom holiday stationery as a gift.

Take the pressure off yourself to change the world through your gift-giving prowess and enjoy the surprise of the moment. Each year you have to spend time with the people you love is worth celebrating.

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