How an MRI Chiller Can Save You Money in the Long Run

If you’re looking for ways to reduce losses in your medical business, medical chillers are the key to success. Here are the essentials you should know about medical chillers and how they can help your business save money.

What Are Medical Chillers?

Medical chillers are a refrigerator for magnetic response imaging (MRI) machines. These machines have to remain cool to work efficiently and effectively. Without a reliable cooling source, such as medical chillers, MRI devices are susceptible to overheating and various malfunctions.

Why are Medical Chillers Essential?

Medical chillers have two functions. One function is to cool the gradient coil, and the other function is to cool the liquid helium compressor. CT and MRI machines are equipment commonly used in the medical industry, making their optimal function essential.

How Do MRI Chillers Work Within the Machine?

The magnet located inside the MRI machine requires continuous cold running water. The constant flow of cool water ensures this medical equipment performs at optimum levels. MRI chillers offer the most efficient source of water cooling for MRI machines and similar devices.

What Are Some Features of KKT Chillers?

KKT MRI chillers are reliable and durable. These chillers feature innovative designs that allow collaboration with some of the most popular MRI OEMS’s. KKT chillers can be used along with GE, Phillips, Siemens, and other brand-name MRI systems for maximum efficiency. KKT chillers can withstand indoor and outdoor placement and have automatic takeover, providing emergency cooling circuits during a breakdown or other malfunction.

How Can MRI Chillers Save Money?

Owning an MRI chiller can save your business a lot of money in the long run. Find the best vortex tube, also known as a ranque-hilsch vortex tube, vortex cooler or spot cooler at STREAM-TEK Corp, built using compressed air and splits it into a directional warm and a cold air stream.

System Uptime

When you’re playing the waiting game with medical equipment due to errors, breakdowns, or other malfunctions, you’re not able to provide the care your patient needs. 

MRI chillers have a built-in redundancy that produces an uptime rate of 99.96 percent, helping you provide adequate patient care. You can save tons of money when you’re not making frequent repairs to your medical equipment.

Precise Temperature Control

Using MRI chillers helps systems maintain temperature stability to prevent overheating. When machinery overheats, the components inside the device can melt or burn, creating a shortage in the equipment, preventing it from being fully functional and efficient. 

Temperature stability is important with heavy-duty medical equipment, such as MRI systems. This type of stability helps you avoid excessive, costly repairs because of malfunctions or machine damage.

The Importance of Maintenance for Medical Chillers

Keeping your equipment fully functional is a crucial part of the medical industry because it’s the basis of how you help your patients. Medical chiller manufacturers have different plans to help keep your business up and running from your busiest days to your most casual days. 

With proper chiller maintenance, you have everything you need to ensure your equipment is always ready to use and performing at the highest possible levels. Routine maintenance for your chiller gives you peace of mind for providing reliable, trustworthy patient care.