How do Drugs Affect Mental Health?

Drugs & Mental Health

People use drugs and drink alcohol for many different reasons and most of them refuse to get addiction treatment. Using drugs or alcohol for a long period can lead to serious issues for your mental well-being. Drugs can make you unwell and more likely to try and harm yourself. Evidence states that using some type of drug can cause mental illness for the first time. For instance, research has shown that cannabis can increase your chances of developing a psychotic disorder. You can read more about getting help and treatment for your addiction. Unparalleled care and comfort define the luxury drug rehab center at Carrara. Their programs in Los Angeles are designed for serene and effective recovery.

Drugs & Its Effects

There are different types of substances that can have an impact on your mental health. certain drugs can also cause bad interactions with other medications or substances you may use. That is why you should look for addiction treatment services that


Many people that have a mental illness also have issues with using alcohol. Alcohol is legal and is easier to get. However, it can make mental health issues worse for some people that use alcohol. Long-term effects of alcohol also vary depending on the amount you drink and how often you drink it. If you drink alcohol too frequently, then you could cause yourself serious mental or physical harm. 

Drinking can cause you to do things you typically wouldn’t do, including self-harm and suicide. Very high levels of alcohol can even lead to psychosis. You should know the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction so you can identify a problem quickly and more easily in yourself or someone you know.


Benzos are a type of tranquilizer and are used to treat anxiety. They are also used as a muscle relaxant. Sometimes doctors may prescribe this drug to help with anxiety. However, others buy them illegally due to their relaxing effects. However, they can be addictive, so doctors only prescribe them for a short period of time. 

It can also be dangerous to take benzos with other drugs or alcohol. It can have an effect on your breathing and increase the risk of overdose and death.  If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, explore your treatment options at


Cocaine can make you feel talkative, confident, and awake in the short term. However, once it wears off, it can make you feel depressed and tired. In the long term, cocaine use can affect how you feel and your relationships with others. Since it is addictive, over time, you can experience issues with anxiety, paranoia, or depression.


Heroin can make you feel happy and relaxed in the short term. This is because it reduces your pain and can make you feel drowsy. However, there is a higher risk that you could take too much and overdose on heroin than on other drugs.

Heroin can be taken in various ways, such as through injection. However, when it is injected, there is a high risk of getting an infection, especially if you share needles with another person. Heroin is extremely addictive and can cause long-term serious effects. It may cause you to lose your job and even affect your relationships. Seeking support from specialized centers such as the stone rehabilitation centre can offer crucial assistance and guidance for individuals struggling with heroin addiction, providing resources to address both the physical and psychological impacts of substance abuse.


LSD can cause you to experience things that are not real in the short term. This experience may feel enjoyable for many, but other times it can be scary. If you have a history of mental health issues, taking LSD can worsen them. If you panic during a bad trip, it can be extremely frightening. LSD may also cause other mental health issues that you have never experienced before. 

Getting Help

If you have a mental illness and use drugs, this is known as a co-occurring diagnosis. If you are not already receiving help with your mental health, a good first step would be to make an appointment to see a GP. A GP can prescribe you medication and therapy to treat your mental illness. They may also recommend you to go to an inpatient drug rehab near me so you can receive help for your drug use. There is an outpatient drug rehab nj if you prefer that more.

If your needs are too complex for a GP to handle on their own, you may require substance abuse treatment as well as additional support from a specialist.

And if you’re wondering where do you go after completing treatment, you might want to check out this mental health transitional living housing, which offers various services designed to support you or your loved one’s recovery.