How to Create a T-Shirt Design for an Event

When you have an event being planned, it can be fun to work on custom tshirt printing designs for free stuff that you will give out at the event. If you feel intimidated at the thought of working on a design for the t-shirts that you plan on giving out at the event, know that the process can be made simple. Know that anyone can handle the work of designing a t-shirt and have everything end up looking great.

Keep Things Simple:

If you want a design to turn out looking professional and to be something that people will wear on their chests without shame, you need to keep things simple. You should come up with a design that is clean and nice looking and that does not have too much extra added to it. You are more likely to be successful with your design if you don’t try to do anything too crazy.

Know the Information You Want Shared on the T-Shirt:

It is important for you to have a list of the information that you want to have on your event’s t-shirt before you start working on your design. If you want the date of the event on the shirt, you need to figure out how prominent you want that to be and where you are going to put it on the shirt. You probably want the name of the event to be written in the largest font on the shirt. Bulk screen printing is a great option for designs that are vibrant, as the ink goes on thicker. This is especially helpful when printing on darker fabric.

Look into the Trending Colors of the Moment:

If you want people to appreciate the t-shirts that they get from your event and wear them again and again, you should make them in colors that are popular in the moment. You should pick out colors for your design that will go well with the color of the shirt that you are using, and you should think about any colors that might relate to the event in some way.

Know How Large the Design Should Be:

Before you can order t-shirts for your event, you need to know how large your design should be. You need to know if there is a size limit that you need to stick to when it comes to the file holding the design. You should find out as much information as possible about how large your design should be and what program you should be using to create it before you start working on it.

Get Advice from Others:

As you work on your design, show it to others. Let them give their input on parts that they like and things that they think should be changed. Those who are helping you work on putting together the event can let you know if they like the design that you have come up with or if they think that it is missing something.

When Failing, Consider Getting Help from a Freelance Designer:

If you are failing as you try to come up with a t-shirt design on your own, you might try getting advice from a freelance graphic designer. You might ask such a person to help you perfect your design or you might have them come up with a whole new design. If your event is being put on to raise money for charity, you might even be able to get a designer to work for free. Afterwards, you can send the design to a company that offers Dri-Fit Long Sleeve T-Shirt screen printing services to work on your event shirts.

You Can Come Up with a Great T-Shirt Design:

The better the design that you use for your event’s t-shirts, the more likely people are to wear those shirts more than once. Look over your design again and again to make sure that everything about it is perfect.