How to Get Rid of a Junk Car

Having an old car, truck or other vehicle taking up valuable garage space or cluttering your curb or driveway can quickly become very aggregating. Dealing with vehicles that have been neglected, totaled in a wreck or that may be long past repairing can make finding a willing buyer difficult. From dealerships that are offering trade-in specials to doing business to selling an old vehicle for parts, there could be a wider range of ways to get rid of your junk car than you might expect.


Trading in an old vehicle is a great way to help pay for the purchase of a new car or truck like one of the toyota trucks for sale. While a quality trade-in can go a long way towards reducing the sticker price on a new vehicle, many owners may find convincing a dealership to accept a trade-in on a junk car to be an uphill battle. Keeping an eye out for dealerships that are running specials on trade-ins, regardless of their condition, can provide you with the perfect opportunity to get rid of your unwanted car or truck, especially if you are in the market for a replacement vehicle.

Private Buyers

When it comes to selling a junk car, attracting a private buyer can often be easier and more lucrative than going through a car dealership. Vehicles that you may lack the time, interest or technical abilities to properly repair or restore may prove to be an ideal project car for hobbyist and those who are willing to put in the work. Seeking a private buyer can be especially beneficial when it comes to cars or trucks that were once in great demand, those that have become hard to find and vehicles that have maintained the interest of hobbyists or collectors who may be willing pay higher prices regardless of the vehicle’s condition.

Sell It for Parts

Even vehicles that are no longer derivable and those that can never be repaired still retain some value. Individuals who are laboring to repair or restore the same make and model vehicle may be willing to purchase your junk car just for the replacement parts that it will be able to provide. Choosing to advertise your old junker as a parts car could create a greater range of options and opportunities than you might imagine. While a parts car won’t be able to fetch as high a sale price as an operational vehicle, it can still be a valuable option for getting rid of a junker.

Junk Car Buyers

Professional auto wrecker, salvage operations and dedicated junk car buyers may be able to buy a vehicle no matter what condition it is in. You can still get cash for cars or money for your junk car . When time is of the essence, a junk car buyer can often be the best option available. According to, arranging for your unwanted car to be towed with minimal delay may provide you with cash in hand when you need it or spare you the aggravation of having to store a junk car on your property any longer than is strictly necessary.

While trying to sell a car that may not be in showroom condition can occasionally be a challenge, finding a buyer willing to give you top dollar for a junk car does not have to be difficult at all. Even cars that have been totaled, involved in a collision or already stripped for parts can still be worth something. From trade-in specials to dedicated junk my car services willing to accept a vehicle in any condition, having your old car towed away and disposed of could prove to be much easier than you might think.