How to Improve Your Utility Project’s Success

There are many aspects of a utility project that work together to make the project a success. You can reduce the cost of your utility projects by taking some precautionary measures that improve productivity and ensure each step and process works efficiently.

How to Improve Your Utility Project’s Success

Practical action steps for the improvement of your utility project success include careful planning in the following areas:

Utility Safety

Preventative safety planning will keep everyone safe and adhering to the project schedule. Alternatively, cutting corners when it comes to safety results in injuries, expenses, and slowdowns. Spend adequate time addressing safety concerns and ensuring safe processes for all involved with the project.


There should be regular inspections to ensure all protocols are being followed correctly. Random checks are one of the best ways to ensure that safety standards are high. A critical part of successful regular inspections is ensuring you are documenting the results of the assessment. 


Protective clothing and equipment are an essential part of things running smoothly. Worn out and faulty equipment clothing is easy to avoid. Have staff report every month about the status of their equipment.

Repeat Processes

Processes that are repeated can often be streamlined. One of the critical steps to improving your project’s efficiency is taking time to highlight areas that can be improved. You should look for the repeat process that contributes the most to the project in terms of value. 

  • Highlight a task that is both repeating and high-value
  • Discover the issues within the process and why this has caused an increased cost
  • Collect feedback and suggestions for improvement, involving the team in the process

Review the information often, and make improvements where possible. 

Project Planning

The more time you invest into planning, the more significant the reduction in expenses you will see. The planning process is one of the more essential steps, and it is during this time you collect the following information:

Initial Risk

Are there any areas that could threaten the project’s success? Consider accidents, suppliers, talent pools, and the weather. 

Stakeholder List

Research the stakeholder list. Are there any members who have the power to threaten the success of the project? Are there members of the stakeholders who can support the project? Keep in mind that some stakeholders may be external to your company. 

Project Champion

Within many projects, there are some obstacles that need to be cleared with precision and efficiency. There are occasions that the barrier and the work required may fall outside of your pay grade. 

This is why it is essential to have a project champion, usually an executive, on board. They can be a source of advice and support when required.

A utility project management company can aid with project planning and management to ensure that it progresses as efficiently as possible.

Barriers that Can Hinder Project Productivity

Once you have tackled the practical steps to improve your productivity, you still should remain vigilant. 

There is usually a range of people within a project team: the core team and the project management. There might be critical talents that aren’t available and will need to be negotiated and brought in from elsewhere in the company or contracted. 

Organization and the methods used can also significantly impact how likely a project will be completed. 

A utility project’s success comes down to planning and being proactive.