How to Lift Someone Up in 10 Minutes

Bad days are real, and some days, just staying positive and cheerful can feel like an overwhelming task. It might be a fight with your friend, a bad day at work, or even just a dull day. What if it is your best friend that is feeling down? What can you do to lift their spirit? It is natural to feel the need to help your friend out in difficult times, but it is not always easy.

Well, people are different, and there is no one size fits all solution to boredom. However, there are a few things that you can do to cheer your friend up in just ten minutes. 

Be There for Them

Are you usually more of a talker and less of a hearer? If so, this might be the right time to shut your mouth and listen. Ensure that you are not giving your friend some monotonous opinion on a situation unless they ask you for it.

The best thing you can do for that friend who is going through a bad day is to be there for them. Talk to them and give them your time and energy without anticipating anything back. Because when it comes to cheering someone up, patience is always worth it.

Small Gestures Can Go a Long Way

We all have our commitments, and life can be hectic. However, it is essential to note that small gestures can really go a long way when helping a friend. You can send them a card and let them know that you are with them in prayers or even download a mobile delivery app and send something they love over to their house.

It doesn’t matter whether you are far away or have your own commitments, it is essential to show some small gestures, this can be bigger than you imagine.

You Don’t Know What is Best for Them

No matter how bad their days are or what they are going through, it is vital to remember that your friend is an adult and needs to make their own decisions. When going through a hard time, everyone usually feels like everything is out of their control, so you will only be adding to their stress if you try to take over everything.

What helped you when you were going through a hard tie might not work for them, so let them guide you. Take charge only if they want you to do that. In addition, never promise what you cannot offer. Offer only what you can genuinely be able to give. 

Go Outside Together

This might sound like an obvious thing, but going outside with your troubled friend can make a significant difference. The human body wasn’t made to sit under the light bulb every time and every day. Free your minds by going outside and get the many health benefits together while talking.

Do New Things Together

Being active at all times is an excellent way to keep from depression. As a friend, the best way to lift your friend is by inviting them to try new things. It might be dancing or cooking classes or simply something that they have never done before.