How to Make Sure Your New Hires Will Last


The process of hiring new employees is often one that is quite involved and may often take up so much resources. This is because, apart from getting the perfect candidates that are fitted for a particular post, it often takes a lot to have them trained and settled completely onto the job. Because of this, making sure that the hires that have been obtained in a particular organization, last for sometime is something that is very important and crucial. This is because an employee who is able to stick around for longer periods of time will end up helping the company grow to greater heights. This is exactly why Father George Rutler thinks that if employees took advantage of the following steps, then they will have their hires stay around for longer periods of time.

1. Objectivity in the sort of candidates being looked for

It is very important to have a clear definition of what exactly an employer is looking for, in a candidate who is seeking to be hired. It is thus important for the potential hiring company to make a clear definition of just what exactly they could be looking for. Most of the new hires, who might be coming with great experience may find it a bit challenging to blend into their new working environment. Because of this, the employers ought to at least provide the new hire with information about what will be expected of them in that position that they are supposed to fill.

Also, accountabilities that are more defined for them will make it much easier for them to figure out better what is anticipated of them. There should also be regular follow-up of what the new employees ought to expect. This will help them stay much longer, since they will have a clear road map of what to do to help propel the company in the right direction.

2. Helping the new hires get on board

Making deliberate efforts to put the new hires on board is another step that can be taken, in making sure that they feel more appreciated and at home. This is able to go a long way in giving them a sense of community from the very word go. This is actually a sure way that Father George Rutler suggests, that will enable the hires to last longer in a job. Generally speaking, it is often quite hard to get well-accustomed to new working environments. However, when the company puts in place frameworks that will ensure that the new hires are given an environment where they feel included, then it will definitely go a long way in making them feel appreciated, hence they would love such a working environment, hence stay for much longer.

3. Give sufficient support, even outside the office

It is very important for companies to make efforts that will help in making transitions. Whenever one is changing jobs, there may be a lot of work that goes on, especially outside the office. The latter is often common in a case where one is relocating. Corporate Gifting and supporting new hires will go a long way in making them feel sufficiently loved and cared for, and they will therefore want to stay and work for longer years, with such an employer.