How to Rebrand Your Business  

How to Rebrand Yourself for Success 

Branding is the most important aspect of a company. It’s what separates you from your competition, it’s how customers know what they are getting into when they purchase from you, and it’s how employees see themselves as part of something bigger than just their job. If your brand no longer reflects who you are or where you want to go in the future, then now may be time for rebranding smoothly. Rebranding has become a popular business trend in recent years. Entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi suggests that it is the key to success for any company in today’s economy. “If you’re not rebranding, you’re dead,” he says confidently. The rebranding process can help a company take control of its destiny and steer the business in the direction needed for survival.

If you are thinking about rebranding your company, here are three steps from Djerassi that will help you achieve success:

1.Never Be Afraid Of Your Vision

What made your brand popular in the first place? Do you still stand by those values today? If not, then what changes have occurred that warrant a shift in focus? Acknowledge these significant alterations and embrace them as part of your new path. “You must always be true to your vision,” Djerassi states firmly. In regards to companies with cultural roots, he adds, “It’s key to show people who they are.” With this approach, customers will be more confident in knowing that they are supporting a truly trustworthy brand to serve their needs even if they are not present personally.

2.Be Realistic About Your Resources

If you have limited financial resources, do not worry! Take swift action and rebrand with the tools at your disposal. Djerassi encourages companies to utilize their social media presence on sites like Facebook or Twitter by showing how these outlets can be used as an effective, low-cost marketing tool for any company. “Social media allows you to stay visible,” he explains. “It’s free advertising.” According to Alexander Djerassi, the key thing to remember when utilizing social media is authenticity, who says, “Be yourself.” You are sure to find success in your branding efforts if you remain true to yourself and the message you are trying to convey.

3.Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Change

For startup brands, every day is a challenge. It takes time for new companies to get their footing on solid ground, but entrepreneurs must be willing to make necessary changes when they finally do. Djerassi encourages business owners not to be hesitant about making alterations because it could lead their company into a downward spiral of stagnation and failure where it will lose money and momentum over a period of time. “You have to shift,” he says definitively. “If you don’t shift, then someone else will shift for you.” When rebranding your company, remember that this idea does not mean that you must abandon everything that made your brand popular in the first place. Instead, this process should be about evolving with the times without compromising your original vision for.