Importance of AC Maintenance

Appliances That Use the Most Electricity 

  • Central heating and cooling systems: air conditioning and heating are the most costly out of all your electrical home appliances. To lower these costs on your CT electricity bill, make sure your heating and air conditioning systems are in good shape with regular maintenance and health checks.
  • Lighting: Before you leave the light on when you exit a room or keep the hallway light on in the night, try and remember that these costs add up by the end of the month. Make sure to turn off lights when you leave the room or switch to energy-efficient LED bulbs. Although nothing screams ‘Christmas’ more than holiday lights, make sure to turn them off before bed to save energy.
  • Appliances: Did you know that nearly one in five household appliances use way more energy than advertised? Although we can’t necessarily turn off our refrigerators or freezers, there are ways to limit these costs. For refrigerators, don’t overload them with food and regularly clean behind and underneath to maintain airflow. When washing your clothes, make sure to wash with full loads and use non-electric drying racks when possible. If these appliances broke down, be sure to contact an appliance repair service immediately.

 Benefits of AC Maintenance 

  • Greater energy efficiency: A lot of problems with your AC aren’t able to be seen without proper maintenance support after your air conditioning installation is done. According to an air conditioning service, regular air conditioning repair and checking essential parts of your cooling unit, like the blades and cooling coils, are essential if you want to lower your bills in the long run and keep cool in the hottest months.
  • Cleaner air: Something worse than having hot air blown at you is dirty air from accumulated dust and debris particles that have built up inside your AC unit. As this dirt may spread throughout your home through the airways, you may need to hire a flexible ducting service company to ensure the ducting system is free of issues and dirt build-up.
  • Extend the life cycle of your AC: Regularly inspecting maintains the health of your Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning unit. It’s always better being preventative towards damage, which may be more of an inconvenience if anything wrong happens to your AC unexpectedly. Regular ac repair and maintenance will also likely extend the life cycle of your air conditioning unit. Make sure your investment doesn’t go to waste with regular inspections throughout the year.

 AC Maintenance Tips 

  • Check if your AC unit is the right size: AC units are strategically sized to the amount of cubic feet they can cool down. It’s important to check the power of your AC in relation to it’s cooling size because a unit too small will have to work a lot harder to cool down your house or building. This strain will definitely lead to more damage and shorten the lifespan of your AC, no matter how regular your maintenance is scheduled. To prevent this from happening, you can opt for a ducted aircon instead because it’s far more efficient than other AC units.
  • Windows can be an enemy or a friend: Make sure you can control the heat that leaves and enters the house through your windows. Overall AC use can be costly, therefore you can minimize this cost by closing the windows and covering them with blinds or drapes during the hottest parts of the day. This is vital for windows that face the sun.
  • Do maintenance where you can: Although it’s important to hire professionals who know how to properly do an air conditioning repair and inspect your AC’s more complicated parts, you can be proactive and regularly check on your AC too in between maintenance checks. For example, keep an eye out for condensation in the drain tube as the air conditioning coils contain bacteria that can form slime and clog the tube. If your unit’s fins are bent you can also realign them with a gentle pressure from a diner knife.


Whether your AC system cools your whole house or just one room, you should keep up with regular maintenance to keep your home stay cool all year long. If you need any professional help, heating services such as heating system installation from the top HVAC contractor All Year Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24/7.