Importance of Daily Prayer

Prayer is an important part of every religion. It is an opportunity to communicate with God in the spirit. It is conversation, invocation, and petition, if you are interested just visit the next link to learn more at the AWKNG School of Theology. Prayer is the cornerstone of every relationship with God. Because everything gets better with practice, praying often is an essential part of building our relationship with God. Prayer is a way for hearts to reach God.

Make no mistake about it, there are some who pray out of obligation and purpose (when they need something). However, prayer is reflective and helps people reach a more profound human level spirit than those who don’t practice prayer. Prayer helps people, like Alexander Djerassi, align with God as they seek to be more God-like.

In the Jewish religion, prayer is also vital and often referred to as “the service of the heart.” Jews are supposed to pray three times a day, morning, afternoon, and evening, and it is supposed to help build a relationship with God. The prayer of Jews is tied to the concept of sacrifice and done to enrich lives and seek comfort, and if one cannot commit to praying three times a day, simple daily prayer is encouraged.

Although there are numerous ways to pray, there are three popular prayers that the Jewish faith believes in; prayers of praise, prayers of thanksgiving, and prayers in the request of things. Jews believe that God will respond to their prayers with action to fulfill the demands of their prayers.

For Jews, prayer also enhances a person’s closeness with other Jews and affirms relationships one to another in a community sense. It reminds Jews of what they have been through and the blessings that they have now. A lot of the Jewish prayer is recited aloud during service at the synagogue.

Alexander Djerassi is Jewish and has strong opinions about prayer. As an entrepreneur and diplomat, he motivates teams and relationships to work across divides, experience, and perspective.

He has an impressive resume at a young age, and I believe it’s safe to say that daily prayer keeps him both focused and grounded.