Incorporate Water Tanks into Sustainable Home Design

In recent times, the concept of sustainable home design has gathered a significant amount of traction. Among different aspects of this philosophy, the integration of home water tanks into home design is an innovation that is greatly being appreciated. This approach not only contributes to saving valuable water resources but also plays a significant role in reducing water bills.

The Concept of Water Tanks in Home Design

To become part of a more sustainable future, you might have considered incorporating solar panels, planting more trees, or even recycling waste. One idea which often gets overlooked is the involvement of water tanks as an important facet of sustainable home design.

Importance of Saving Water

Water is a precious commodity that is swiftly running out due to climate change and increased usage. There will soon be a time when clean water can become scarcer than gold. Hence, it is our responsibility to conserve this life-giving resource.

Tapping into Rainwater

There are several ways people can reduce their use of municipal supplied water. One such way is through rainwater harvesting, i.e., collecting and storing rainwater in tanks for later use. This tremendously boosts your sustainability efforts and provides access to an independent water supply.

Types of Water Tanks

Water tanks suitable for domestic use come in various shapes and sizes. From slim plastic tanks designed for urban areas where space can be limited to large 10,000L polyethylene or concrete tanks for country homes with lots of land.

Positioning Your Water Tank

A key aspect to consider when introducing a water tank into your home design plan is where it will be situated. Factors like easy access for maintenance, proximity to downpipes for collection efficiency and aesthetic considerations all play their part. Consult with a plumbing expert to determine the best location for water tank. Professional plumbers can also help you connect the tank to your existing plumbing system.

Using Tank Water

Stored tank water can serve various purposes like flushing toilets, watering gardens, washing clothes and cars and even drinking if appropriately treated. If set up correctly with filters and ultraviolet disinfectants, you could have potable water right at your disposal.

Economic Benefits

Installing a water tank in your home not only promotes sustainability but also helps you save on your energy bills. The savings you make by not using mains-supplied water can ultimately pay for the initial cost of installing the tank within a few years.

Laws and Regulations

While there are numerous benefits associated with installing a water tank, it is advisable to check with local laws before starting the process as certain restrictions may apply depending upon where you live.

Aesthetics and Sustainability

Many may think that including a large rainwater tank might compromise the look and feel of their property. However, with modern design techniques and innovative ideas such as underground or under deck tanks, they can be integrated neatly without compromising on aesthetics.


Incorporating a water tank into your home design brings with it numerous benefits environmental-wise as well as towards cost-effectiveness through reduced utility bills. Not only does this step help you contribute towards saving our shrinking freshwater sources but in turn provides you an alternative supply during times of drought or other shortages. By adopting such practice into our everyday lives we simultaneously take steps towards a more economical lifestyle while adhering to the principles we need to transition towards in order to ensure our survival over longer periods – sustainability.”