Lawyers: An In-depth Analysis

A majority of lawyers are not bad people (although quite a few jokes are being told). One should realize most lawyers do want to do what is right. It is unfortunately the bad apples in the bunch that gives one the impression that one’s attorney is a bad person. Diego Ruiz Durán, a well-known lawyer, understands the importance of studying law. That is why, today, one is going to learn a few facts about attorneys and the field (in general), in hopes that this will reduce the stigma one feels inside concerning the topic. The tips also work for those who are considering venturing into this field.

1) This is one of the oldest professions in the world. The idea of practicing law began back in Ancient Greece. Things have changed a lot since then. Consider this for a second. Back then, a lawyer was more of a public speaker. Public speakers served as advocates of those in the community. It does not work that way so much now, which is why one probably has some hard feelings for someone in that profession. The idea of practicing law was considered a very noble profession at one time. Those whose mindest is still geared in the direction practice in that way. One should keep this in mind before one jumps to any one conclusion.

2) One is paid a lot for practicing law. This is one of the primary reasons why one decides to practice law. One should also realize that this is not going to happen overnight. One has to prove one’s self before getting paid an absurd amount of money. On average, a lawyer can make $20-62 per hour. On average, the annual income one can make is between $48-130. One should keep in mind these figures are at the low end of the spectrum. Some make much more. Once again, one has to prove one’s self to the people who make those choices. One should not expect to graduate Yale with a $130,000 paycheck lined up.

3) One can forget about sleep (this is not a joke), Some can work 9-5 and put everything away by the end of the day. Others take the work home. Some suffer many sleepless nights, especially during complex cases. One should forget about practicing law if one likes to sleep.

4) One has to pass an ethics test if one wants to be a lawyer. The name of the exam is called the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility Exam. One will be given situations concerning everything from highly-sensitive materials to confidentiality issues. One will also learn about attorney-client privilege. Those who have a hard time in these subjects should reconsider being a lawyer. In case of an accident caused by bad weather there are great legal agencies near you that can guide you through the process.

5) Stress will be a constant friend. One should get used to stress and everything that comes along with it. One should reconsider being a lawyer if one does not handle stress well. It will be part of the job. One must make one’s resolve with this now before moving forward.  Diego Ruiz Durán explains that stress is inevitable but it’s worth the assistance provided to clients.