Liberal Claims Surrounding Universal Healthcare Are Unfounded

Liberal cries for the federal government to provide universal healthcare to all Americans have grown louder and louder even since the congressional GOP’s failure to repeal and replace Obamacare. Many of the Democratic candidates running in the 2020 presidential election have made universal healthcare a central facet of their platforms, too, furthering the salience of this issue in the minds of most politically-engaged Americans. 

Despite the plethora of liberal talking points surrounding universal healthcare right now, their fantastic claims about a future defined by Medicare for all are totally unfounded. Here’s why we can’t ignore the huge flaws in left-leaning plans for universal healthcare.

The unanswerable question

There are almost too many Democratic politicians and liberal activists calling for universal healthcare to keep track of. Despite the prevalence of this idea on the left, however, nobody is able to provide a reasonable response to the unanswerable question which has plagued the Bernie Sanders of the world for countless generations; when it comes to universal healthcare, how do you actually intend to pay for it?

The Federalist has gone to great lengths to detail the inability of Senator Sanders to answer this question, though his wanton refusal to ground his plans in reality has largely gone unnoticed in the mainstream media. If media professionals were honest, they wouldn’t frame this issue without addressing the refusal of left-leaning politicians to address how they intend to pay for their proposals. 

Some worn-out, familiar phrases instantly come to mind; we can tax the rich, liberals might argue, or simply borrow the money! In reality, however, these ideas seldom evolve into well-founded plans backed by experts and basic math. The truth of the matter is that left-leaning proposals centered on healthcare are wildly unrealistic, but you’d never expect to hear that on most cable news stations. 

The private market can tackle this

It’s a simple matter of fact that private insurance is something that the American people are overwhelmingly in favor of keeping. IAs a matter of fact, this is frustrating the ambitions of many Democratic candidates for president; most of those proposing California Medigap plans or a similar plan are incapable of addressing the desire of most Americans to keep their private insurance. 

Even those rare polls which say that universal healthcare will occur sooner rather than later include the fact that most Americans still rate their private insurance highly and don’t want to see it fall by the wayside. Seldom if ever will you hear the media note the degree to which Democratic candidates have veered into a fantasy land, however. It’s time for average Americans to wake up and realize that liberal fantasies about healthcare can’t be taken seriously until the candidates proposing Medicare for all and similar plans have a provable method of paying for their proposals. 

It should also be noted that the private market can tackle most insurance issues facing us today as well as a truck accident lawyer. Innovative companies will work hard to meet the needs of customers while those insurance providers incapable of putting up good results will go bankrupt. This reliance on private competition and the superior results it puts forth has long benefited our nation, and we would be foolish to abandon it now because the Bernie Sanders of the world wail and gnash their teeth when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid payment structures. 

As the 2020 election nears, Americans need to wake up and realize that liberal politicians will tell them exactly what they want to hear without mentioning the exuberant costs that must be paid. It’s time we dismiss the unaffordable myth of Medicare for all once and for all.