Most Common Causes of Body Aches

Everyone has some aches and pains they compete with on a daily basis. But if only more people knew, they often cause their own pain, they would be more proactive about changing their lifestyles and approaches to various activities. We’re going to look over some of the most common causes for daily bodily aches and pains and give you some solutions to fix them.

Uncomfortable Bed/Mattress

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. So we think that if you have any issues like a stiff neck, stiff back, pain in your hips, etc, then chances are it’s your mattress and or pillow. A custom built mattress to suit your needs, to fit your body shape, weight, height and preferred sleeping position, can solve so many problems in one foul swoop. It will absorb your bodyweight, not push up against it, causing your muscles and joints to be in an uncomfortable position. 

Not Lifting Correctly

If you went into the gym to hire a personal trainer, and they asked you to show them what you’re capable of regarding basic lifts, chances are your form would be all wrong. When you lift something off the ground, you lift with your legs and not your back. A deadlift is not to strengthen your back muscles, it’s to boost your quads and hamstrings. So stop bending down and bending up, squat and rise with your legs. If you need to relieve your muscle pain, you can use pine pollen tincture or any other ointment and supplements.

Being Too Rough Without Preparation (like stretching)

There is always conflicting opinions about whether you should stretch before working out or not. The truth is, no one should be lifting without warming up. And the most basic way to warm up is to do basic static stretches. But these take time, about 30-seconds each. This makes people impatient and before you know it, they are headlong into their workout without knowing they are about to damage their tendons which will do the lifting that cold muscles won’t

Working out without a warm up and cool down at the end

We’ve talked about basic stretches, but that is just one way to warm up. If you lift weights, a warm up set helps to boost circulation and prevent injury. So next time you’re in the gym, for your first workout, take the weight you trained with last time and do a 30-50-70 split. Do 15 reps with 30% of the weight, then 10 reps with 50% of the weight and finally 4-6 reps with 70% of the weight. Watch how amazing you feel for the first real set. Then don’t forget to cool down. 10 minutes of cardio won’t hurt!

Arthritis and other conditions that come with age

Finally, father time just catches up with you and conditions such as arthritis will add to your daily aches and pains. But it doesn’t mean you can’t workout if you’re older. Just make sure you warm up properly. Your diet has a big impact on your body as you age, so this is the number one thing to fix. If your arthritis or joint pain becomes unbearable, it may be time to see an orthopedic surgeon.