My Favorite Coffee Shops in Florida  

Florida has some of the most exotic coffee places I know.

Pasion del Cielo, The Grind Coffee Project, Brew Urban Cafe, Ella Cafe, and the countless other small businesses that open up every day, with new spins to the craft of coffee making. South Florida is also known for having one of the highest counts of Corporate Coffee Shops like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

The coffee-drinking culture in Florida is one that is integrated with its people. Most Florida residents come from countries that produce the highest quantities and most rich coffees of the world, some of which are; Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, and even Brazil, as unacknowledged it is to many in the United States. However our friend at Above Average Coffee can tell us more about the first sip experience of this wonderful coffee, “It’s like an explosion of flavor on my tongue and I wouldn’t start the day any other way” he said. There are then so many different kinds of coffee machines, just have a look at and you can see it’s crazy the amount of choice that we have.

South Florida is also a land that has been heavily affected by Cuban culture since the 80s, a culture in which coffee consumption is a much more deeply integrated part of the everyday working class. Who has not ever heard the phrase “viene con cafecito” which is common to most Hispanic restaurants, as a way of informing customers that their meal includes Cuban coffee, a strong and sweet, but low acidic coffee. If you are looking to buy a new coffee machine, then make sure it’s one of the best UK Coffee Machines as you obviously want the best coffee.

Common Grounds Brew & Roastery was by far Cory Harow‘s favorite coffee place that uses premium coffee roasters, hidden away in a small mall area in Delray Beach. What made this location to be the one selected by Cory wasn’t necessarily the coffee flavor, as good as they were in making their coffee, what this place shines amongst the many locations in Florida was it’s a smooth and tranquil setting. Dimly lit by warm light on the walls, a large and comfortable couch accommodated by the large glass by the entrance.

Common Grounds was a place of relaxation, where one could come to rest, study, and date without losing attention to the present moment. Regardless of what anyone was there to do, what we can mostly agree, is that we like sitting at coffee places to disconnect from society for a time, enjoy the mix of flavors of a good and well-served Air Roasted Flavored Coffee, along with some of the best Banana Bread Muffins anyone has ever, which are a house favorite.
Life can be chaotic, and disruptive, so much so that we overwhelm ourselves as to what’s important to us, we crash and burn with deadlines, homework, late credit card payments, insurances forced onto us, responsibilities, which as dutiful they can be, they can burn a person down through their worst days. That’s where places like coffee shops come in for people like Cory Harow. Common Grounds is a place where people could come in and for a moment, order, sit and enjoy life as is, in the present moment. Not forgetting or ignoring the circumstances that are very much real at every moment, but granting a pause to the rush, the desperation of finish lines yet to be crossed. Somewhere where anyone could pause, lean back with full comfort, look out through the glass wall, and sip the loads in one’s mind and soul away for a day.