My Sunday Morning Routine

George Rutler arises at dawn every Sunday morning. He enjoys a cup of coffee at his kitchen table while enjoying the sunrise. After eating breakfast, he studies his morning devotional and heads out for a brisk walk around the neighborhood. While on his walk, he takes in the beauty of nature and converses with God in his morning prayers. After returning home, He takes a shower and dresses for church. He usually has some extra time to spare, so he normally does a few chores around the house before heading out to church.

He arrives early at the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, and helps prepare coffee and snacks for the other congregants to enjoy before the service. He enjoys this time of fellowship with his friends and church members as he has been lonely since his wife of 50 years passed away last winter. As the music starts to play, he enters the sanctuary and takes his place on the third row next to his sister and her husband. He finds comfort in the familiar prayers and hymns throughout the service. Father Rutler  begins his sermon with scripture. After the message, the doxology is sung and the congregation adjourns to the fellowship hall. The service then ends and Rutler can continue on with his day. 

After driving the two short miles to Cafe Coffee Bean, Rutler joins his family at their table, and they all order their usual. He partakes in his fruit and cheese platter, while the other dine on pancakes and sausage. After everyone is finished eating, they walk a few short blocks to the city park. He loves spending time with his family on Sunday mornings. As he drives home, he reflects on the many blessings in his life. His home, his church, his family, his congregation, and his health. He smiles and thanks God for all these blessings that have been bestowed upon him. He thinks Sundays may just be his favorite day of the week.