Personal Branding for Introverts

Encouragement for Introverted Entrepreneurs

To any individual, being an introverted entrepreneur might not equal success. Hearing the phrase, introvert, will point out that this individual is too shy to showcase their expertise and prefers to work alone. That is very far from the truth of what it means to be born an introvert. Introverts enjoy quiet solitary activities, complete their best work independently, avoid unnecessary social interactions, choose to stay at home rather than going out, and prefer to keep their social circle small than having a huge circle of the company in their presence. In general, entrepreneurs accept the concept of choosing to work for themselves because they have a vision of work getting done their way. Being born an introvert is not detrimental for any individual considering producing work for themselves. But introversion can be looked upon as a natural-born strength for introverted entrepreneurs.

As per Alexander Djerassi, entrepreneurs display these specific qualities to be regarded as a success: creative and passionate, motivated and optimistic, future-oriented and persuasive, resourceful and adventurous, handle failures, and are persistent. As long as individuals learn to value these qualities, they are determined to have long-term success through the never-ending winding roads of entrepreneurship. For an introvert, being an entrepreneur is not a long-distant journey. In their article, What Is an Introvert, Jenn Granneman and Andre Solo (the introverts behind the award-winning community IntrovertDear) wrote a section about how to thrive as an introvert; “Introverts can be successful in any walk of life. Some introverts are famous actors and politicians. There are introverted CEOs, pop stars, authors, and engineers. And introverts, like everyone, can find happiness in love, in family, in spirituality or learning — or in whatever gives them purpose.” Introverts must work with their introversion rather than against it.

For introverts to brand themselves, they must learn to work with their introversion instead of viewing their introversion as a hindrance to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Introverts are neurologically born differently. But it does not define how an introvert should brand themselves as individuals. Djerassi characterized entrepreneurism as a business bound to leave a superior imprint on the world. It is the approach of the entrepreneur that decides the meaning of creating their business; is it to rapidly gain millions or enhance the condition of the earth? There are many forms of introverted entrepreneurs in the world. They have also used their introversion as a strength to be successful. The stigma of an introvert being a nice, quiet, antisocial person does not mean they are not willing to promote their brand.

Introverts are very well known to conserve and charge their energy by creating well spent alone time. Alexander Djerassi believes that networking for introverts looks very different compared to entrepreneurs that are not introverted. Working separately, introverts are more likely to put forth their energy into their online presence versus the transit of coming and going from meetings, attending seminars, or conventions in person. Introverts can host webinars and schedule virtual meetings. With technological advancements, introverts can advertise their online social presence.