Prioritizing Your Time

Prioritizing Your Time

We all have a feeling of fulfilling our goals in life before a fixed time; some of these goals may be at work or outside work, like personal goals. However, achieving these goals is not easy; so it’s best to read this post about Inside a Bold Mind on how to have a healthy mind and self-esteem towards achieving your goals! A a lot of effort being invested in planning and prioritizing time well, as time is the essential virtue in achieving success of all goals, just as Diego Ruiz Duran suggests. In this article, we are going to talk widely about time prioritization in our daily life.

Below is a list of activities that help in prioritizing time well.

1. Put all tasks on a list.

Start by creating a list that contains personal and work tasks in a single column. Do not separate the task as it may affect your time allocation at a later stage of these steps. Effective prioritization is achieved by having a full understanding of what urgently needs to be completed to the minute task, which is to be completed later. Creating this list will help frame up how and when is the appropriate time to do a specific task.

2. Separating urgent tasks from important tasks.

In this stage, identify the tasks that require immediate attention. These are tasks that, if not completed within the specified time, can have some significant effects. By doing this, urgent tasks will have been separated from those that are important but have a time allowance. Another advantage of this separation is, it reduces the stress associated with having tight schedules.

3. Assessing the value of the task.

In this stage, look through the task list and try to identify what may carry the highest value to achieving the business’s success or personal goal. Below are some of the levels of priority to be used in this evaluation.

• Critical priority

• High priority

• Medium priority

• Low priority

4. Arrange the tasks by the effort required in each

With the task list in hand, it is easy to get overwhelmed by what needs doing, leading to procrastination. This isn’t good because it reduces productivity. Therefore, it is advisable to start by prioritizing the tasks that take the most effort to complete. By doing so, other smaller tasks will get time to be completed at a specified time.

5. Be flexible and easily adaptable to change.

Uncertainties are inevitable. It is therefore important when planning to consider the unexpected. By having such a plan when such events occur, you will quickly adapt to the new changes.

6. Review your priorities constantly and know when to cut.

Always review your priorities because you can’t get everything done on your list. After reviewing your tasks, cut off the task which will not be possible to complete at a fixed time and use the energy to focus on the priorities that can be completed within the specified time. During this period, one should focus on the things that bring feelings of accomplishment for the period.
I hope this article was handy in the quest to be productive by prioritizing on time, as Diego Ruiz Duran thinks it is crucial to stay productive throughout the day.