What to include in quarterly restaurant evaluations

As a business, it’s important to always review your progress and to find ways that you can improve. When it comes to the hospitality industry, your restaurant relies on providing customer satisfaction and that comes from ensuring your business is always doing well, if you like to ensure a clean cooking space, look for a local restaurant exhaust hood cleaning service.

Conducting quarterly reviews can certainly help keep everyone informed of what needs work and what’s going well. Here’s what to include in quarterly restaurant evaluations.

Cleaning Evaluations

Firstly, keeping your restaurant premises clean is essential and a critical evaluation to do in this day and age. There are a few tips for restaurant cleaning which you can consider and apply. It’s worth looking at how effective the cleaning is with your current restaurant cleaning team and whether you’ll need to adjust it in any way. 

As a business grows, you might develop your restaurant into a bigger space with more areas to clean. That means that your cleaning rotation that once worked for your premises, isn’t as effective as it could be. So it would be better if you hire janitorial services to be responsible for this.

Ensure you have come up with a restaurant hood cleaning schedule that you can maintain. By doing so, you are making sure that your facility, the staff, and the kitchen appliances are safe. Assessing the cleaning is an important part of the business, so make sure you stay on top of this, monitoring hygiene and levels of cleanliness at all times. Fires are a major concern in any kitchen, but they pose an even greater threat in restaurants. This is why it’s important to hire a commercial kitchen hood cleaning service to prevent fires caused by grease buildup on stovetops or ovens with proper grease trap maintenance.

Customer Reviews

Customers are always right… even when they’re wrong. The reviews that your customers leave are important to mull over because although there are a few that are purposefully harsh, there are more that provide constructive criticism. 

It’s good to evaluate customer reviews to check for any consistent problem areas that need addressing. It might be an issue with particular staff members or maybe it’s a dish that most aren’t impressed by. 

Always be open and willing to listen to what your customers think of your restaurant in general and when it comes to your service or food.

Popular Menu Items

When running a restaurant business, the food is likely to be the most important part. It’s what brings your customers through your doors time and time again. So with that being said, take a look at what your popular menu items are. 

Understanding what menu items are the most popular can be really helpful in understanding so that you can tweak your menus to reflect what the customers love. It also ensures you don’t remove anything that might cause upset.

When reviewing popular menu items, it’s also good to update the menu online too, especially if you do restaurant online ordering

Employee Performance Reviews

Employee performance reviews are essential in making sure your staff are achieving their personal goals and also those that have been set out by management. 

It’s always good to monitor your employees because there can often be times where people may slack and it’s critical for employee happiness, that everyone is pulling their weight equally and it’s not just reliant on the same people every time.

Employee performance reviews are a good way of ensuring your employees are always working hard and that they’re impressing not only their peers but also the customers that they serve.

These are all necessary areas to cover when it comes to quarterly restaurant evaluations and these evaluations can be great for business efficiency and success. So with that being said, make sure to cover these on your next quarterly review!