Ring in the New Year With These Fun NYE Party Ideas

New Year’s Eve, a time for celebrating the year passed and looking to the new year for positivity! What a time to be alive! 

If you want a New Year’s Eve party that is going to stand out just as much as Gatsby’s parties, then you’re going to need some epic ideas to make you stand out from the rest! Making your party unique and enjoyable by adding extra fun activities will make it more memorable and special. Adding a karaoke machine will surely boost everyone’s enthusiasm. You should check out MusicCritic as they listed down the best karaoke machines for your money. You can also visit a Fireworks Retailer to literally start the year with a bang!

So, are you planning a New Year’s Eve party? Do you want to make it memorable and not-to-be-missed? 

Then you’re in the right place! We’ve put together a list of amazing NYE party ideas to get the ball rolling and make sure that your guests are wowed the entire evening! 

1. Great Gatsby Style 

Our first NYE party idea kicks off with inspiration from the iconic film itself! Think dazzling decorations, luxury invitations, and an epic party atmosphere. Theme your party a ‘Great Gatsby Affair’ and get everybody excited. 

Originally based on the novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald, Great Gatsby is the epitome of the party world. From dazzling chandeliers to flowing champagne towers, and feather boas. 

Set in the 1920s, your party already has a basis to work off for music, decor, and your invitations. 

Ensure your Great Gatsby NYE party has a dress code so that your guests tie in with the overall look and feel of your party! Once everyone is inside the entire scene will form a magical party from another era. 

2. Games Night 

Everybody loves a game night! So why not consider combining your New Year’s Eve party with an epic games night?

Line up those epic high-school games that you used to play at high school house parties and have party-goers team up from the beginning of the night. You can play games such as “Never-Have-I-Ever” or “Truth or Dare”. There are even more interesting games on sites like 카지노 사이트 where you can have a paramount of fun.

To make the environment more competitive, you can buy small prizes that teams can win at the end of the night. 

Hire a small chalkboard or whiteboard for the entrance of the room, and have people write down their team names, you can even go so far as having a prize for the most uniquely named teams. Keep score during the night and have a prize-giving after you ring in the New Year! 

3. Around the World Party 

Do you have a culturally diverse set of people that you’ll be inviting around? Then you should definitely be considering doing an “Around the world” themed NYE party. 

There’s no limit to how far you go with this idea! From the menu to the decor, and to the dress code, you can inspire your guests to dress from their heritage, bring a plate of snacks from their origins and then play a guessing game throughout the night as to where people are from and what they’ve brought. 

Your decor can include items from around the world, or even world maps, globes, and different country flags. 

You can even include bilingual dj services to spice things up!

4. Go Black and White 

Hosting a black and white party is a great idea if you want to keep things simple but have your party really come together when everyone is in the room. 

You can hire in furniture, decor, and decorations that are black and white to give the room a chess-like look and feel. Once you’ve done this, encourage your guests to wear their best black and white ensemble. 

If you truly want to bring it all together, you could consider a photo booth with a checkered photo wall that your guests can post in front of. 360 photo booths for events are a great ice breaker and a hands-off source of entertainment that will ensure people enjoy themselves, make some memories at your party, and get to know one another. Want to go one step further? Then have the photo booth images printed in black and white prints, so your theme goes from start to finish entirely! 

5. Disco Dancing 

Everybody loves disco! 

This NYE party idea is simple to put together if you have some time on your hands. Based on the 70s era, you can create a cool, custom digital invitation that instructs your guests to bring their 70s outfit A-game! 

Once you’ve done that, decorations can be made out of old records, disco balls and the hiring of a few LED light strips to brighten up the room. 

Ensure that you have the space for a dance floor though, your playlist will be what truly pulls this party together! You can have a playlist that includes famous disco hits as well as more modern dance music. Dim the lights and let everyone dance their way into the new year! 

6. Old School Dinner Party

Are you thinking of hosting a smaller, more low-key NYE party? Then a more traditional dinner party may be the option for you.

There are two ways you can put together a great New Year’s Eve dinner party. 

First, you could create a potluck evening with your friends. Have everybody make their own dish and bring it along for the center of the table, that way the menu for the evening is a surprise for all who attend. 

Alternatively, if you fancy yourself a master chef, then put together your own menu with your most-loved dishes. Include the menu on the invitations and go old school, post the invitations or hand-deliver them to create that wow factor! 

Put a table at the door with appetizers and glasses of champagne to welcome your guests in the right way from the beginning of the evening. You may also book a gelato cart hire for an instant dessert for your guests.

NYE Party Ideas: The Must-Haves 

So you’ve scrolled through countless NYE party ideas, by now we’re hoping that you’ve found the right one for you! 

Remember though, ringing in the new year is mostly about who you’re surrounded by. Make sure you don’t forget anybody special off the guest list and double-check that list. And for your own peace of mind, ensure that you give your invitees an RSVP by date because you don’t want to be caught off guard by unexpected guests in the evening. 

Need more party advice? Simply type ‘party’ into our search bar and get your fill from Christmas party articles through to organizing your child’s birthday. We’ve got you covered.