Risky Conditions – How to Ride a Motorbike in the Rain

If you’re a novice rider, you may not know
what it is like to ride your bike in the rain. You don’t have to avoid driving
in the rain just because the weather gets bad, but you must take steps to
improve your skills and understand the environment. This article offers some
useful advice on how to ride your motorbike in the rain, it is helpful for beginners
and experienced riders.

Leave Your Ego Behind – If you’ve never ridden a bike in the rain or you don’t feel
comfortable doing so, pull over and let others pass you by. Don’t let your ego
get the better of you, let the other, more experienced riders take the lead.
This allows you to take your time at the back of the group, knowing you aren’t
under any pressure to perform. Top quality Aprilia
and other brands are designed to grip the road when it gets wet,
but the rider must know their limits. If you aren’t comfortable, pull over to
the side of the road.

Be Mindful
When the surface of the road is covered in water, you must be mindful you’ve
less traction. Riding in wet conditions is very different to what you are used
to, the bike won’t grip as well on a wet road when you’re cornering. If you don’t
already know, never use your front brake on a wet surface. Always apply the
bike brakes and then the front when you’ve dramatically reduced your speed.

Keep Your Visor Clear – One of the most frustrating things about the rain is that it
blocks the visor on your helmet. When this happens, don’t take your hands off
the handlebars.  Turn your head to the
side and let the wind blow away the water beads from your helmet.
Alternatively, you can buy helmets with built in squeegees or anti-fog

Create Space
– No matter how good a rider you are, you should always leave some space
between yourself and other vehicles on the road. Water makes everything that
bit more slippery, if you have to brake suddenly, you could lose control of the
motorcycle. Remember to be aware of obstacles such as steel grates.

Wear the Right Clothing – Your equipment is very important when riding a motorbike, not
just in the rain, but every time you go out on your bike. It never hurts to
invest in special motorcycle gear, it will protect you in case anything goes
wrong. Proper riding accessories ensure you don’t get hurt if you have an
accident, so purchase good quality products from reputable suppliers. If you’re
looking for motorcycle clothing and accessories, there are plenty of great
suppliers online.

Riding in the rain is always trickier than normal conditions. Objects which were already slippery become that bit more dangerous. Whether you’re a novice or advanced rider, you should always slow down to ensure you have full control of your bike. Reduce visibility and less traction make riding conditions far more hazardous. But you shouldn’t be afraid as long as you follow the tips in this article. If you or anyone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can be of great help.