Should Service Companies Get IT Support

IT support is above all a service center made up of qualified IT technicians and listening to users in order to respond to requests.  There is the use of managed it services such as messaging, the Internet, remote access etc which makes life much easier for service companies. When you are offering someone a service, you have to be prompt, have data protection and the highest quality of service around the clock. 

The objectives of IT support are IT installations services and to facilitate the daily life of a company in the handling and operation of its IT equipment. The support is available on a time slot determined according to the activity of the company in order to resolve IT failures. And allow maximum business continuity. You can also call an IT support hotline or an IT helpdesk for example.

The first phase of the operation of IT support consists first of all in defining the technical scope of the interventions entrusted to the support. It may consist only of computers or to extend it to the overall infrastructure. You will see that this perimeter also defines the support level. Once the scope has been defined, the service provider providing the support will deploy its tools. This will facilitate the resolution of failures.

How it helps service companies

IT consulting companies will deploy a remote control tool on all workstations in order to be able to resolve a failure on a computer at distance. It will also deploy supervision software to detect abnormal behavior on the network or on other critical equipment. Finally, the support will constitute the technical documentation on the whole of the perimeter. 

This will be the information on the obsolescence of the stations, the updates, the duration of the licenses of the antivirus, etc. 

The day-to-day use of IT support

As soon as the perimeter is clearly defined and the tools are deployed, the current operating phase of the support can begin. The users have the possibility of contacting the support in an unlimited way. They have the choice for this between an online chat system (teams or slack), the telephone or a ticketing tool. 

The ticketing tool is very often preferred because it makes it possible to trace the exact time of the failure, the type and criticality of the failure as well as the resolution time. Technical committees are regularly held between the customer and IT support in order to report on the quality of the service provided and the nature of faults reported frequently. This then allows a continuous improvement process to be set up which aims to eliminate common failures. 

Computer support

Depending on the nature of the company’s activity, it may be useful or even necessary to set up an on-call duty for extended hours. This will ensure your customers have good service at all times. Or this help can be deployed even on weekends. It also ensures that IT support will give you safety and security. 

These penalties must be specified in the contract so that the service provider can mobilize its teams during these hours. It is a huge benefit to companies to invest in IT support.