Spring Cleaning for Your Pool: Maintenance Checklist

If you’re fortunate to have a pool on your property, then it’s important to make good use of it as and when you can. However, many homeowners can end up slacking on the upkeep of their pools. Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your pool looking nice and remaining safe and usable. However it is also vital that you get a CPR Certification Shreveport when you have a pool at home so you are ready to perform first aid and CPR in case of emergency.

Here are some spring cleaning tips when it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance at the start of the summer season with the help of a pool service company.

Empty Your Pump and Skimmer Baskets

A lot of dirt and debris can end up getting built up in the basket that links up to your filtration and plumbing system. If you’re not emptying those baskets or the pump itself, then it’s likely to cause a blockage, ask plumbers dublin for extra help if that’s the case to avoid any problems in the long run. That also means that your pool won’t be cleaning itself properly, and so effort should be made to remove any excess debris from this area.

Any baskets that are cracked or damaged will also need to be replaced. This is something that should be looked at regularly, even outside your spring cleaning, because if you happen to get a lot of debris flying into your pool on the regular, then you can expect it to get clogged up fairly quickly.

Check the Pressure Gauge

When it comes to the pressure gauge, you need it to be at zero when the pump is off; if it’s not at this setting, then it’s time to replace it. It’s a key element to your pool that will be able to understand whether or not your equipment is working properly. An improper reading won’t help you notice where something isn’t quite right and perhaps you need assistance with the problem.

Look for Leaks

With your pool, a leak can be problematic to say the least. It’s something that could certainly do a lot more damage if it goes unseen to. So with that being said, make sure you’re checking for leaks around your pool, in particular the pump and filter. You should also be looking at any of the surrounding equipment that’s in your area, as that should certainly highlight any problem areas in particular.

Get Professional Help When Needed

There may be some maintenance jobs that are out of your area of expertise, such as when your pool needs a total resurfacing completed. For maintenance items that are complex, it’s worth contacting a custom pool contractor. Hiring janitorial cleaning services can be useful for those jobs that are outside of your own remit and perhaps are too challenging for you to face alone.

It’s also best to visit https://www.couvillionslandscaping.com/custom-pools and consult the experts at at Couvillion’s Landscapes when it comes to matters regarding your pool. The last thing you want is to cause unwanted damage that ends up costing you a lot of money.

Fill the Floater

One job that many will often forget about is the need for chlorine, and that this should be put into your feeder as appropriate. You need to keep a careful eye on chlorine levels to ensure your pool is properly sanitized and safe for swimming.

Cleaning your pool and keeping it well maintained will make all the difference for when you come to use it again!