Strong Information Security for Businesses: Get in the Loop

Data security never gets less important in the modern world. Customers expect the brands they interact with and shop from, to never lose their information. They have willingly given you their home address, debit card details, name, age, etc. they do not expect the world to know this information. 

And yet, so many business owners still store data at their premises. This can only end in disaster as natural events and other dangers threaten to destroy the data they have collected. 

Cybersecurity is Number One for Building Trust with Clients

How do you build trust with clients, regarding cybersecurity? One way that GCN thinks you can, is to provide your employees with cybersecurity training. Most of the time, employees are the ones who accidentally invite a hacker or malware in. Human risk is the main risk when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Giving your employees effective cyber-conscious training, can help to prevent some of the most basic and yet deadly data breaches any business can face. This can be something as simple as password changes, email awareness, event reporting and practices that support more data protection. In addition, you may visit the site of a data security solutions provider to know more strategies on how to improve the security of your business data. Alternatively, you may appoint a data security personnel to undergo data protection officer training.

VoIP will Help You have Excellent Communication with Team and Clients

Let’s say something does occur. An event that looks like a data breach, has to be escalated to the right people at the right time. This is why a VoIP system is so helpful. It builds a secure communication system, which allows for smooth, uninterrupted and fast contact between all your employees. 

It can also help to keep some lines open. This may be an emergency line that your managers use when a serious security threat is being handled. They know that when certain events occur, they can contact the relevant stakeholders via email, text and phone, from one system which does it all. 

A centralized communication system that is protected, private and only open to those with access you determine, makes sense for any business that has a large number of employees. 

Cloud Storage Makes Life Easier

Whoever still stores data on hard drives and at their premises, is asking for trouble. Cloud storage is more efficient, costs less to maintain and you get additional security benefits. For one thing, if power cuts out in your office, your data is off-site and protected. 

It will also be monitored so you don’t have to watch what’s going on all the time, and instead focus on building leads, marketing, sales and just growing your business. Cloud storage is also limitless, so you can drop worrying about needing to buy another hard drive every again. The servers are encrypted, with firewalls and regular updates to prevent modern threats from posing a danger.

If you would like to know more about cybersecurity, cloud storage and how your business can improve in this field, contact us today. We’re more than happy to talk with customers to help build a safer, more secure world for customers.