Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Summer offers an ideal weather for you and your family to enjoy the serenity of your backyard. Your backyard plays host to most of your family activities during this period. However, as many people access the backyard, your lawn endures such increased foot traffic. This gets worse considering the summer heat negatively affects your lawn’s health and appearance. Under the scorching sun, your lawn withers and develops unattractive patches. Follow these lawn care tips to realize a lush and healthy lawn throughout summer.

1. Employ Proper Watering Techniques

The manner in which you water your lawn is more important than the frequency at which you do it. Without watering your lawn, grass naturally turns brown as a coping mechanism against the summer heat. To maintain a green and healthy look, water your lawn effectively to provide the grass with sufficient moisture. Effective techniques include watering your lawn deeply but less often, watering early in the morning or late in the evening to minimize on evaporation, and installing drip irrigation, preferably using sprinklers and hoses. To avoid mishaps with your system, make sure to perform drip irrigation system maintenance once in a while.

2. Aerate the Grass

You can employ the help of a lawn care company like Greener Grass organic lawn care services in Akron, OH to perform aeration of your lawn. This process enhances the health of your grass by introducing air into the soil and checking for optimal pH levels in your soil. The procedure is a little technical and it may be sensible for you consult a lawn care company for advice about the services.

3. Mow Your Lawn Correctly

Mow your lawn to maintain its appearance and reduce overgrowth. However, mow less frequently to allow growth of deeper roots, mow early in the morning or late in the evening as freshly cut grass is resistant to damage during the hot day. Avoid cutting the grass too short as this exposes soil moisture to evaporation. Maintain the cutting height to about 2.5 to 3 inches given that grass would not grow that fast during the hot summer. When planning to mow, ensure the blade is sharp, because a blunt blade causes the grass to fray and become susceptible to browning.

4. Fertilize Your Lawn

Introducing fertilizer into your lawn is an effective way of ensuring the grass gets extra nutrients. Fertilizer will provide highly needed support for growth of grass during the challenging weather of summer. If your lawn is very sandy, you should otherwise consider the use of organic manure that is readily available in the market in pellet form. Your fertilizer will only be effective if you also water your lawn, or else there is not much point in fertilizing. Work with a reputable lawn care company to apply fertilizer in your lawn at least twice a season to achieve the best result.

5. Reduce the Amount of Traffic

A lot of activity on your lawn not only stresses the grass but also compacts the soil, causing the need for aeration. Minimize the number of people walking through your lawn by assimilating the use of footpaths, pavements and by putting up a fence, you can get professional help at this fence company MD. It would be best if you keep off the lawns in summer, except for completely unavoidable circumstances.

Regardless of whether you hire a lawn care service company or go for the DIY approach, it is possible to have a healthy, green lawn all summer long with these tips. Any moment you are in doubt or need help, seek professional help.