The Best Franchises Under 500K in 2020

You do not need to be a millionaire to own a franchise. There are plenty of choices that cost less than half of $1 million. As long as you can determine what it takes to make a business successful, there is an opportunity waiting for you somewhere. We have listed several of the best opportunities this year for people with $500,000 or less to invest. Each of these is from the top 100 fastest growing franchise opportunities in the country.

This Year’s Top Franchise Opportunities

It’s difficult to narrow down which investment opportunity you like the most when there are so many to choose from. Thankfully, in today’s modern economy, things are more dynamic than ever before. As a result, there are more options for you to pursue when investing than at any point in the past.


Dunkin’ Donuts is a classic. They have built up a reputation over the years for providing high-quality baked goods. One thing that will help you launch a Dunkin’ franchise successfully is a professional franchise marketing agency. They can help ensure that your business gets the customers it needs to succeed. There is nothing worse than launching a store without any customers waiting in line. The amount that it costs for you to get started with one of these franchises will depend. You could get one for as low as $200,000 or as much as $1.2 million.


Supercuts is a hairstyling franchise that is increasing in popularity throughout the country. They provide a business model that is easy for anyone to start. All you need are a few hairdressers and salon chairs, and you will have one of the most stylish salons in the town, find more here. You could start one of these for as little as $150,000 or as much as 300,000 depending on the location. Plenty of people have been successful using this franchise.

Even the most creative artists fall into a rut every now and again. As a beauty professional, you strive to deliver the best services to your clients but sometimes work, just like life, can feel repetitive and humdrum. Bringing an A-game mentality to your salon suite each and every day doesn’t have to require a lot of thought if you have a few inspiring tricks tucked away in your wellness toolbox. Feeling stuck? You can see more at Salon Lofts to try one (or all!) of these creative pick-me-ups to get your groove back from that first appointment in the morning until the last one of the evening.

7-Eleven Inc.

Convenience stores are always going to be in demand. They are the most effective when you can put them somewhere that few other businesses serve. It could cost as little as $70,000 for you to launch a new 7-Eleven store. That makes it one of the lowest cost franchises available.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Fast food will always have a role in our economy. Take advantage of this by capitalizing on one of the nation’s most popular sandwich shops. Jersey Mike’s subs have come along way since it was originally founded decades ago. Today they serve thousands of customers every day across the country. You can own one of them for as little as $150,000. The most expensive franchises in this company only cost $800,000. That makes them incredibly affordable across the board.

Anytime Fitness

Finally, a 24-hour gym is always going to be a winning business model. You do not need to keep the place fully staffed at all hours. Instead, all you need to do is sign people up for their monthly gym subscription. At that point, it does not matter whether the customers show up at all. You will have a guaranteed income each month for the company. These are also an incredibly affordable investment opportunity. The most expensive franchises only cost $500,000. The lowest-cost ones only cost $100,000.

Owning a Franchise for the First Time

If you have been waiting to become a business owner, then now is the time. Today it is easier than ever for you to get the financing you need to buy a franchise. With so many options available, it will take you some time to peruse through them all.