The First 5 Things To Ask Your Lawyer After A Car Accident

When you have been involved in an auto accident, you will be wondering what to do next. From worrying about your insurance rates rising to how you will pay medical bills you incur along the way, these issues can make your situation much more complex than you ever imagined. To ease your burden and put yourself on the path to getting the financial compensation you may deserve, here are the first five questions you should ask upon hiring an auto accident attorney.

Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine?

First of all, always make sure that the auto accident attorney you hire to represent you has many years of experience handling auto accidents similar to the one you experienced. While you may think all accidents are alike, the fact is no two auto accidents are exactly alike, so keep this in mind when hiring your attorney. One major aspect to consider when it comes to a good lawyer is their success rate. Make sure to be specific about the particular practice. For example, defense lawyer Sydney firms abide by more specific frameworks in contrast to their colleagues in United States. Success rate is a broad topic and need to be considered when choosing the best lawyer in your area.

Do I Actually Have a Case?

Immediately after your accident, find out if you actually do have a viable case against the other driver. To do this, sit down and discuss your accident in great detail with your attorney. This quote from a brain injury law firm says your lawyer can give you their opinion and explain the various options you may have in moving your case forward.

For What Damages Can I be Compensated?

Once your car accident lawyer determines you have a case that should be pursued, always make sure you are very clear as to which damages you can seek following your accident. For most victims of car accidents, damages for which they seek compensation include medical bills for current and future treatment of their injuries, lost wages from their jobs, damage sustained to personal property that was in their vehicle at the time of the crash, and pain and suffering from both a physical and emotional standpoint.

Will My Case Go to Trial?

While some auto accident cases do eventually make it inside a courtroom, the vast majority of them are settled out-of-court well beforehand. Because of this possibility, always ask your car accident lawyer if they expect your case will go to trial or be settled out-of-court. While you may think it will be better if your case is heard by a jury, the fact is juries can often be unpredictable in rendering their verdicts. Thus, even if you believe you have a strong case, a jury may think otherwise. If this happens, you could be left with no compensation whatsoever.

Can I Still Go On Social Media?

Following your car accident, you will probably be at home for many weeks recovering from your injuries. Like most people, you will probably want to spend some of that time on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. But before jumping online and starting to post comments or even photos about your accident, ask your attorney if you should stay off social media until your case is resolved. More than likely, your attorney will advise you to stay away from your social media accounts until your case has been resolved, hopefully through a substantial out-of-court settlement.

By knowing what questions to ask your car accident lawyer, you can have realistic expectations as to what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months, giving you peace of mind and time to work with your car accident attorney to develop a winning legal strategy.