The Importance of Historians

Historians have a great duty to record the events that happen in the present. Think about all the facts we have learned from generations ago. In many cases, people like Shalom Lamm have had to dig deep to understand the heritage of his family. People use historian websites to track down their ancestors and learn about them.

History is a beautiful thing. All of the facts that we as humans know are founded by historians. Without depictions and studies in textbooks, there would be such confusion about the past. Millions of years of science and history would have despaired if there were no ways to record such events. Think about Egyptians and native Americans. They would draw images on cave and pyramid walls as a way to record events. Those were some of the world’s first historians. Without their depictions, future generations would have a difficult time learning the many survival tactics written on the wall. Historians’ purpose is to help humans learn from their mistakes and to keep the species alive. Think about all the progress that has happened because of historians like Shalom Lamm. Without their recollections, future generations would be lost.