The Power of Small Wins in Business

The Power of Small Wins in Business

Many business owners cannot recall when they had achieved their desired big wins. Winning big is not easy since it requires putting everything in place, which does not happen regularly. Then comes the small victories, which people tend to overlook and focus on the setbacks that hinder them from achieving their big goals in business. Once business owners, especially start-ups, begin to discover the importance of small magnifying wins, they gain more and surprisingly achieve their big dreams in no time. Here is the importance of small wins to a business.


According to pain management specialist Jordan Sudberg, the anatomy of small wins is a powerful motivating factor. Once a business makes its first sale and gets its first loyal customer, the owner gets motivated to achieve more sales and attract more repeat customers. One can only get this motivation by noticing the small wins. It is pretty challenging to accomplish huge sales at the beginning and attract a substantial, loyal customer base at the beginning stages. If a business focuses on the big wins which are challenging to achieve at once, the setbacks demotivate them. But when one notices the small wins and understands that it’s part of the journey to achieving their big wins, success becomes less bumpy.

Road to big wins

It is through the small steps that lead a business to success. When small wins in business are taken as real wins, they provide a road to the finish line, that is, the desired big wins. Businesses tend to adopt a mentality of all or nothing to achieve their goals. Sudberg comments that this mentality puts a massive load on their backs, especially when they encounter setbacks. When a business recognizes the small wins that are the stepping stones to the big goals, it enlightens the load since they tend to magnify the small achievements in place of the setbacks.

Confidence boosting

A small win is a powerful confidence booster. The small wins help businesses become more confident in achieving their goals, especially the small ones. When one wins a customer’s loyalty, they become more confident to approach more customers to win them too. Winning makes business owners feel good about what they are doing; this feeling helps boost their confidence to get out and show the world what they have to offer.


Gaining experience in business is key to success. When business owners recognize and magnify the small wins and keep track of their progress, they learn what to keep doing and what to improve from what they applied to achieve success. From this learning, they gain experience achieving more of those small wins. This experience proves vital to attain big wins; thus, winning becomes easier.

Distraction from setbacks

A business needs to distract itself from setbacks to achieve big. Focusing on the small wins helps an enterprise distract itself from setbacks and keep its eyes set on the big goal. As time goes by, circumstances change, and the long-term plans get sabotaged. This shift of events does not necessarily mean that the big dreams get out of the window, but through focusing on the small steps, one can keep themselves on track and increase their chances of achieving the big wins.
Jordan Sudberg thinks that businesses have to ditch the all or nothing mentality and focus on the small steps to their journey to success. In effect, focusing on the small wins will help them achieve their big wins with a lighter load on their backs.