The RealReal Helps Find Designer Duds When You’re Ballin’ On A Budget

            Louis Vuitton. Chanel. Prada. Those words just can’t wait to slip out of my mouth, especially when asked about my current OOTD. With masterful attention to the most minute detail, and an execution of elegance via a classic pattern, timeless pieces from couture designers can evoke certain feelings, dress up an otherwise basic outfit, and transform wearers into unstoppable Glamazons. For me, strutting down the street in my red-bottomed kick-ass stilettos is the ultimate expression of self-love, confidence, and even a smart investment.

As much as I can get down with a casual tee from the big-box merchandiser where I can also snag a box of tampons, and granola bars, I yearn for the luxury of couture staple pieces. With my affinity for fabulous couture somewhat unbridled, but my pockets not-so-stuffed, I got smart, and learned how to be ballin’ on a budget.

            On an otherwise drab and rainy day in April, I spotted a fellow fashionista proudly parading through the ick in a pair of Burberry’s Nova Check rain boots. Never one to shy away from paying a well-dressed stranger a compliment, I immediately commented on her fabulous footwear choice. Without hesitation, this beacon of knowledge casually informed me that she snagged them for a smart price on The RealReal. Recognizing the look of massive computing occurring in my brain at the sheer possibility of this feat, my newly minted BFF gave me the rundown on The RealReal. Shortly after this transformative experience, I simply needed to treat myself to a well-considered birthday gift, and found myself perusing The RealReal’s extensive listing of high-end authenticated luxury watches. One successful Bvlgari Rettangolo watch purchase later, and I knew that I found the best way to score designer duds at a deal, without losing integrity, authenticity, or quality.

 Authenticated, High-Quality Investment

Though math always made my eyes glaze over, I understand that paying $20 for a fast-fashion manufacturer’s version of a couture bag equates to initially paying less than paying for a high-end couture item, even if purchased as a consignment. However, well-crafted and hand-made from quality materials, most couture pieces can last in quality and aesthetic appeal for decades, even becoming heirloom pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. How many of us can say the same for the fast-fashion pieces that often fall apart before the first use?

At The RealReal, the world’s largest digital marketplace of consigned, authenticated, high-quality goods, the timeless wardrobe staples can not only feed a fashionista’s designer appetite on a budget, but can be considered as thoughtful investments. As I have discovered, purchasing a classically chic item that I can implement in my wardrobe for decades feels much more conducive to a practical investment than mindlessly spending my hard-earned cash on poorly made items that will undoubtedly become useless before the seasons change.

As each item is authenticated in a bespoke process prior to being featured on The RealReal’s site, and physically within the company’s brick-and-mortar locations, this focus honors the heritage of each designer, and imparts confidence in shoppers regarding the value of each product. For a fashion lover like myself, I can take pride in knowing that my purchase has not only aided to propel the circular economy, but has helped to honor the designer’s intended legacy through a legitimate representation of their actual product out in the world.

            Purchase, Consign, and Repeat

            On the other end of the spectrum, I also recognized that I could further propel the growing high-end fashion sustainability model as a consigner with The RealReal, bringing new life to pieces that I wasn’t utilizing anymore. Armed with a few gently used pieces that no longer fit me (ugh, thanks late-night pizza), and a couple of ex-boyfriend gifts that could use new juju, I embarked on a mission to consign these pieces through The RealReal. Being an overstretched college student, my window of availability to physically go to consign my pieces was non-existent. Thankfully, as a forward-thinking and innovative leader in the consignment industry, the moguls behind The RealReal anticipated this, and provided prepaid labels for shipping, making the process a breeze.

            After watching my beloved pieces find new life via satisfied purchasers, and being satisfied with my commission, I was able to indulge in more guilt-free shopping through the money that I made from consigning. Not only did this help to clear up space in my eternally cramped closet, and help to declutter my existence, successfully consigning pieces that I no longer used allowed someone else to gain happiness from these pieces, and allowed me to get the funds I needed to get myself Delta Sigma Theta sorority paraphernalia.

            Coupon Queen

            Any savvy shopper can rejoice over precious funds saved via coupon, online promo code, or even secret in-store sale. From subscriptions that reward loyal customers via emailed promotions, to happy hour incentives showcasing special pricing, there is a myriad of options for everyone ballin’ on a budget to get what we want, and feel the satisfaction of watching the price go down. As an avid online shopper, I rarely even place things in my cart prior to scoping out promo codes, and checking my email for subscription-based loyalty savings. While this can be expected for supermarket basics, or even big-box retailers, many people don’t necessarily associate high-end luxury goods with any sort of savings.

            This is where The RealReal welcomes forward-moving change, and manifests the value of loyalty through various incentives. Immediately after providing my email on the site, I received a $25 offer code, applicable for my next sale. Win. Additionally, throughout each of my shopping excursions, I have also been able to use a promo code to reach the holy grail of additional savings. Double Win. 

            Through my fabulous shopping ventures with The RealReal, I was able to bridge the gap between my love of designer duds, with my not-so-designer budget. With their commitment to spearheading innovation, transparency, and forward movement within the luxury consignment arena, The RealReal swiftly became my go-to trusted site for all things luxury at an accessible rate. With my collection of timeless classics regularly making appearances on the street, I’m ready to share my luxury shopping secret with anyone who comments on my beautiful new designer watch, thank-you-very-much!

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