The Secrets to the Most Productive Supply Chain

Some companies just seem to have a more efficient, productive supply chain than others. Is it magic? Are they just better? No – they just know how to maximize the output of their teams with a few key productivity secrets.

Proper training

Many people view learning on the job as a good thing, and of course with any job you do learn more as you go. However, expecting new recruits to learn on the job instead of providing any kind of training could actually be severely damaging your productivity. Employees who aren’t given training lack the confidence to problem solve or make executive decisions, and can even take longer to feel like part of the team because they feel like an outsider who doesn’t have an effective role. Additionally, other members of the team have to spend time training the new recruit in bits and bobs over their first few months, rather than being able to offer a few dedicated hours or days of initial training right at the beginning. This ends up meaning that the productivity of the whole team is affected.

Motivation management

It’s been said before, and it will be said again – a properly motivated team is a productive team. Employees who feel undervalued or lack direction won’t be keen to do their best work, so investing time and effort in properly supporting your team will pay dividends for you and for your business. Motivation can include tangible incentives to perform such as end-of-year bonuses, or simple steps to include your employees in the business such as sending monthly newsletters round with all the business’ news. This fosters team spirit and desire to succeed, boosting productivity.

Data collection

When you’re suffering from an unproductive supply chain, one of the problems is that it can be really hard to pinpoint where the exact problem is. Collecting data on the activity and results of each sector of your supply chain should help you to identify problem areas and troubleshoot more efficiently. 

Logistics Team

If your logistics team isn’t quite right, this will have a knock-on effect on your whole supply chain. If your logistics team lacks organization or people skills this can cause problems with meeting deadlines or establishing relationships with other people and businesses which are a part of your supply chain, therefore reducing its productivity. This can be remedied by rejigging your logistics team until you get a perfect balance; CulverCareers offers top-tier logistics recruitment services that will have a sparkly new logistics team up and running in no time, and your supply chain productivity will quickly be back on track.

Maximizing productivity is vital to business success – taking into account these tips will help you do that and fulfill your business’ potential.