Tie the Knot at the Avery Ranch Golf Club

Your wedding day is coming soon and choosing a venue is top priority on your list of things to accomplish immediately. You need a space that can accommodate all of your guests. The venue needs to have a beautiful ambiance. It would be beneficial for the wedding and the reception to be at the same location to help with logistics too. Choose a destination wedding and come see all the Avery Ranch Golf Club has to offer you for your wedding.

The Location

When you are asking yourself “where are the best golf course wedding venues near me?”, think of the Avery Ranch Golf Club. It is just minutes from downtown Austin, Texas. It is easy to locate and has breathtaking views. Any guests flying in will not have far to travel to find it. It is a hidden treasure that is waiting for you to discover.

The View

To start with, there is the beautifully landscaped golf course like the golf courses Phoenix to see. It has rolling slopes and rock formations. The lush greens are well manicured, with the utilization of equipment which requires bunker rake attachments, and ready to be used in pictures. Then there is Bushy Creek. It will make an impressive view for your wedding. The sound of moving water is an added benefit too. There is also the signature Infinity Pool, a spectacular display of water and stones. All of these views will make fantastic backdrops for your wedding pictures. Your photographer will love shooting your wedding pictures at this remarkable venue. Check out how good Golf course photo prints looks.

The Versatility

According to Golf Breaks, at the Avery Ranch Golf Club you can have either an indoor or an outdoor wedding. If you prefer an outdoor wedding, you will automatically have a backup plan with this venue. Switching up will not be a big hassle if nature does not cooperate for your special day.

The Indoor Spaces

The Lakeview Room is an elegant 4,000 square foot space completely furnished. This space can comfortably suit 200 guests. There is a tree covered deck giving privacy to the space. The view is absolutely stunning with Bushy Creek and the Infinity Pool.

The Sunset Club House is perfect for a more intimate setting. It will accommodate 60 guests. The interior is immaculately furnished. It has beautiful picture windows overlooking both Bushy Creek and the Infinity Pool.

The Services Available

A full-service professional catering service is available for your event. You will have the ease and comfort of already have staff at your fingertips. The venue also includes the tables, fruitwood chairs, and the basic linens that you need for your event. This will make planning your wedding more streamlined and less stressed.

Choosing a destination wedding venue in Austin, Texas could not be any easier than with Avery Ranch Golf Club. Clubs organize themselves well through the help of private club consulting services. With the stunning landscapes for photo opportunities, the ease of convenience from the city, the versatility of settings, and the services available you can not find a more special place to tie the knot. Discover the hidden treasure and unlock your dream wedding.