Tips for Choosing a Standing Desk Mat For Your Office

Did you know standing while working can decrease weight gain? If you’ve avoided making the switch to a standing desk or height adjustable desk because you’re afraid it will be uncomfortable, choosing the right mat to stand on can make all the difference.

Are you looking for information on how to pick a standing desk mat? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to find the best one to fit your needs.

Size of the Mat

You’ll want to take a look at each product’s size specifications, including the height, width, and length.

The thickness and size of the mat will help you figure out how much space you have to move around on your floor. Also, the cushion thickness will give you an idea of how much support you’ll have.

For a more flexible mat, pick a larger size. You won’t get restricted when making movements. Some employees like to stand with a wide stance or stretch at work, so choose a bigger mat if you’d prefer that freedom as well.

A thicker mat may have extra inserts. You will feel more comfortable on your feet with a thicker cushion, which will help prevent fatigue.

Consider the Materials

Try to look for a material that is stain and water-resistant. This will work better in your office in case you spill coffee.

Most floor mats made with high-quality material can be cleaned without difficulty. Use a paper towel, damp cloth or simply hire local office cleaners to handle this for you.

Try not to get a mat with a vinyl cover, as they are sometimes added to hide existing defects.

Look for a mat that’s made with non-slip material. You don’t want your mat to move on carpet, tile, or hardwood. This way, you won’t worry about any office tripping hazards.

Find a mat that has antimicrobial properties. Some days you might want to kick off your shoes. With a mat that is simple to clean, you can keep your workplace odor-free.

How Convenient Is the Mat?

Sometimes at work, it gets busy and hectic. You may need to pack up and head to another location for a meeting or make room in your office. Find a standing mat that can get packed away.

You can push some mats under or to the side of your desk. This way, you won’t have to bend down if you have a bad back.

Should You Get a Flat or Active Mat?

A standing desk mat can come in an active or flat style. The main difference is that the surface of an active mat’s contoured, whereas the flat mat isn’t.

With an active mat, you can stretch your calves while standing because of the side walls. This can help prevent tightness and fatigue throughout the day.

You can bring a flat mat to your home workshop or garage, as well. If you have a job at home that you need to stand for a long time, consider a flat mat. They work great in the kitchen.

Look into a Specialty Mat

Some mats will mimic the ground of our natural environment. You will be able to stand with one foot braced forward or cross your feet. You could also stand with one leg off the ground, removing pressure from your heels, shoulders, and back.

Some standing desk mats will even have massage areas, to increase blood circulation. Other mats have raised bumps on the top part where the balls of your feet would rest to help soothe tired feet.

Think About Pressure

Find out what pressure a mat can withstand. A mat made for a 150 lbs person will wear away fast if someone who is over 200 lbs stands on the mat. Check out what the weight range is for each mat before buying.

What Is the Warranty?

Over time, general wear and tear can damage your mat, so make sure you choose one that can withstand a few dropped items. If you’re concerned about how long it will last, check to see if there’s a warranty to cover damages.

Look for a Mat with Beveled Edges

Active mats already have a different edge, but if you want a flat mat, get one with beveled edges. A beveled edge on a mat will keep it from curling and deforming at the edges. The mat will stay flat over time and won’t become a hazard in your office.

Make the Most of Your Standing Desk Mat

Once you have picked up your mat, keep these following tips in mind.

Try not to stand completely still for an extended period. When you’re standing, make sure you shift positions.

For example, try moving from side to side or back to front. Walk on the mat or bounce a little. You can shift up on your tiptoes, as well.

Some of the mats also have a massage ball in the middle. You can use this to extend and flex your feet. This will be helpful in the middle of your workday when you are starting to feel tired.

Do a few simple stretches to get rejuvenated and continue with your work. You will keep your muscles from tightening and restricting blood flow.

And finally, find shoes that have strong arch support. This will enhance the benefits of your standing desk mat and help with fatigue.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this guide on mats helpful. Find a standing desk mat today to help lower stress and fatigue at work.

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