Tips for Starting the Marie Kondo Method in Your Home

The marie kondo method, created by Marie Kondo, is a popular lifestyle choice to get rid of all the clutter you do not need. There are many different ways for people to organize their living space using this method, but there are some things that tend to be overlooked.

4 Tips for Starting the marie kondo Method in Your Home

1. Create a schedule

The marie kondo method is not just about throwing away all of your clutter, it’s also about finding new homes for everything you choose to keep. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different things you have to organize, so creating a schedule can help to remind you of what you still have to do.

2. Get rid of the big stuff first

When Marie Kondo talks about decluttering, she’s usually talking about clothes and books. But if you want a truly clutter-free home, it’s important to get rid of everything at once. A lot of people find that the marie kondo method works best when they start with their biggest items and work down to the smallest ones. If you’re just starting out, try working on getting rid of your clothes first.

3. Organize in small spaces when possible

If you can organize one part of your home at a time, it can be easier to see your progress and feel like you’re making a difference. Marie Kondo suggests folding clothes so they stand up vertically in one box, but it might work better for you to find another way to organize smaller items such as belts or scarves.

4. Don’t forget about the smallest things

Some people use marie kondo’s method as an opportunity to get rid of things they don’t need, such as redundant kitchenware or old phone chargers. The marie kondo method is a great way to simplify your life, but it can be easy for things that don’t seem necessary at first glance to slip through the cracks.

By following these simple tips, you can learn marie kondo’s method and keep your home as clutter-free as possible.

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