Top 3 Best Foods That are Always Better on a Wood Grill

If you’re spent the winter months indoors, watching cookery programs, chances are that you can’t wait to get in the garden this summer for a spot of grilling. After all, everything always seems to taste better when it’s grilled. 

But if you want to make the food taste even better, you can add some wood chips and dial up the flavor even further. A wood-burning grill can give you levels of flavor you’d never be able to achieve in your kitchen. 

Here are three of the best foods that always taste better grilled 


How can we talk about wood-burning grills without mentioning steak? Whether you’ve been marinating yours all day, or you simply add a little olive oil and seasoning, then it’s sure to taste amazing. The trick is to make sure that your steak is at room temperature and that the grill is extremely hot. You want to cook your steaks fast so that they retain all of those amazing juices. Once they’re on the grill, don’t flip them over too often. 

As tempting as it may be to dive right in, let the meat rest for five minutes first. It will be worth it. 

Corn on the Cob

The humble corn on the cob is very underrated. But simply boiling it won’t do it justice. Corn is designed to be cooked with its husk on so that it is protected and remains juicy. For the ultimate taste, baste the corn in butter and grill it until it begins to char. You won’t believe how tasty it is. 


When you think of outdoor grilling, you think of burgers, sausages, and chicken. And while all those things are fantastic on the grill, one thing that always tastes better is salmon. Cooked fast and hot, the outer layer of the salmon caramelizes beautifully, giving a sweet and smoky flavor. It makes a great alternative to all of the meat you usually cook. 

An honorable mention should also go to putting fruit on the grill. As unorthodox as it might seem, peaches, nectarines, plums, and pears taste absolutely amazing from the grill. Make sure to choose colorful peaches that last a long time. The natural sugars in the fruit caramelize to give a beautifully sweet and smokey level of flavor. 

Adding Wood Chips to the Grill

Different woods can produce very different flavors, applewood and mesquite are popular choices, but think about using cherry and oak too for something a little different. 

Think about the length of time you’re going to be cooking when selecting the wood. If you’re going for a long, slow BBQ flavor, then choose larger chunks of wood. If you’re flash cooking something like a steak, then for smaller chips. 

If you can’t quite find the flavor you want, why not try mixing a few different types. 

Final thoughts

Learning how to use a wood-burning grill is a skill everyone should master. Buy yours now at a bbq store edmonton. You may also buy bulk sausage seasoning online if you are planning to hold a bbq party. Whether you’re going for the BBQ classics or trying something a little different, it will be fun experimenting.