Top 5 U.S. Locations to Make Big Money on Home Rentals

There’s never been a better time to invest in real estate, as although 2021 has had many financial ups and downs, you could easily cash in on the opportunity to generate a healthy profit from selling or renting out a property. 

Choosing the right location for your investment property contributes massively toward your overall success, so it’s absolutely vital that you can create a list of potential cities and neighborhoods that will increase your chances of making a hefty sum. Afterwards, you can search for the available properties in your chosen market and a vacation property management company you can partner with.

If you’re interested in finding out more about which locations will increase your chances of accruing a profit, then read on to uncover 5 of the best property hotspots that you can make the most of today! You may also consider consulting professional property management services.

1. Orlando, FL

The average sale price of a house in Orlando, FL is around $231,000, with rent costing $1,486 per calendar month. Orlando is a tourist hub with visitors jetting from across the globe to see the sights, and this has led to a constant rise in community investment and improvement. Being one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the US has encouraged Forbes’ to dish out their #1 Best Place to Buy a House award for 3 years in a row, crowning Orlando for features like affordability. 

2. Atlanta, GA

The average sale price of a house in Atlanta, GA is around $190,000, with rent costing $1,434 per calendar month. Atlanta’s population has grown dramatically by more than 12% in the past 8 years, which is over 110% quicker when compared with the national average of around 5.75%. Tech and financial companies such as Google and BlackRock are contributing toward the growth in Atlanta by offering a wealth of employment options. 

3. Las Vegas, NV

The average sale price of a house in Las Vegas, NV is around $296,730, with rent costing $1,107 per calendar month. Las Vegas is widely known for its booming gambling industries that attract millions of visitors every year. Tourists from all over the world can choose airport shuttles Las Vegas for a grand transfer. The city isn’t just popular for its tourism, as it also maintains a thriving high tech industrial sector, which is helping to secure its future as a key player. 

4. Charlotte, NC

The average sale price of a house in Charlotte, NC is around $252,438, with rent costing $1,259 per calendar month. A huge 47.93% of residents rent in Charlotte, making it the perfect place for a buy-to-let investment. The city is recognised for its urban-suburban feel and strong culture, and is classed as a significant location for the financial sector having the most banking assets after New York City. 

5. San Diego, CA

The average sales price of a house in San Diego is around $615,600, with rent costing $2,255 per calendar month. Property management in San Diego, CA almost guarantees a healthy profit over time, as these homes constantly grow in value like no other location. With the number of sales dropping as much as 20% in the past year, sellers have never been more motivated to say goodbye to their properties, making it the ideal time to buy.