Trending Kitchen Designs of 2021

It’s no longer a secret that kitchen remodeling is a top priority in every home. Since 2015 the numbers have been increasing, with America recording a whopping 24 million kitchen renovations in this year alone.

The following factors are the reason behind this increase.

  • The kitchen is the focal point in every home, unlike before when it sat at the back of the house
  • Today the kitchen is home to not only the family members but other visitors and guests
  • People are busy and hence want convenient kitchens that waste little of their time
  • There is the ready availability of materials to smoothen the renovation process.

Though a heartwarming moment, remodeling your kitchen can get the better part of you if you fail to prepare well for it. There are many things to worry about from the correct designs, materials, finances, and expertise. You will need to decide if a quartz countertop is the best option for the kitchen of your dreams.

To ease your kitchen remodeling plan, here is a discussion on the best kitchen designs to watch out for in 2021.

Open Shelves

Open shelving is increasing today as people seek to showcase their kitchenware as part of home decoration. Moreover, this type of storage saves space and offers an easy way of finding what you are looking for without much hassle.

Green Kitchens

Sustainability in the kitchen is a growing trend in 2021. There are many improvements geared towards environmental conservation, starting from the furniture to the floors. Today durable and recyclable electrical devices with high energy conservation power are in high demand.

Moreover, people are opting for garbage bags made using biodegradable materials. Stainless wooden steel spoons are also highly used in the kitchen today. Additionally, there is increased usage of organic detergents replacing the traditional liquid detergents packaged in plastic containers.

Hot Water Taps

There is a high demand for hot water taps in the kitchen as people juggle working from home and attending to their families. Besides providing instant boiled water, these taps also have chilled filtered drinking water needed highly at this time.


There are many changes taking place in the kitchen cabinetry today. One of these is the usage of Contemporary kitchen cabinets such as the open frame cabinets. The glass panel in these cabinets that displays the items inside makes them highly preferred. So if you want to install a glass panel, make sure to get help from a professional glass cutting service for accurate measurements.

Another increasing trend in cabinets is the usage of slab door cabinets. These types of cabinetry are modern with a flat and frameless front that offers a much stylish look.

There is also a notable usage increase of transitional kitchen cabinets. Rather than doing away with your traditional kitchen cabinetry, you can opt to modernize it by incorporating it with modern hardware.

The kitchen cabinetry has also gone through massive color changes. Unlike before, when natural wood cabinets were the order of the day, people are today going for more color in their cabinetry. Some of the trending colors in 2021 are Blue, white, and green. 

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are another trend to watch out for in 2021 kitchen cabinetry designs. These cabinets constitute a white upper cabinet paired with a darker color base cabinet.

Another change in the kitchen cabinetry is the mixed cabinet style. These types of cabinets help create more space, bringing to light the best elements of your kitchen. It generally entails having upper cabinets in one class, for instance, open cabinets and a different style on the base cabinets.


The market offers a broad reach of designs to make your kitchen appealing in 2021. Therefore go ahead and have those Kitchen Renovations you have been yearning for years.