Turn to Stone: 5 Pieces of Marble Decor That Will Draw Any Eye

There are many upgrades to a house you can do to help increase its value. Many of the tips can even boost the selling price by 35%.

But if you’re looking to remodel for your own personal satisfaction, there are few things such as marble that you can never go wrong with. 

With an astounding nine out of ten homeowners planning to remodel once they’ve purchased a home, gathering ideas now might be in your best interests. If you want to wow your friends and family with marble decor, keep reading for the top decoration choices.

Top 5 Types of Marble Decor

Few things like marble manage to remain popular decor choices for decades on end.

Marble is a porous, striated stone with a beautiful, gloss finish. No matter where or how it’s used, it always lends a classic touch to its surroundings.

1. Marble Tulip Table

Tables make great marble accent pieces.

To add a unique, elegant design to any room, try using a marble tulip table. They have a circular base with a fluted center that attaches to the circular top of the table. No matter where they’re used, tulip tables add classical beauty. They say there are so many options at the Dining Table Store, but I’ve yet to see them all myself.

2. Marble Fireplace

Marble is great at highlighting key aspects of your home and turning it into a statement piece.

If you happen to have a fireplace installation in your home, an excellent way to update its appearance is by making the surrounding frame marble. Marble is heat resistant and any smudges of soot will be easy to clean off. If you don’t have one, consider employing this material when you do decide to schedule a fireplace installation.

3. Marble Columns

Single-family homes are the most common house type. These homes have spacious, open floor plans.

To help delineate rooms without sacrificing the space, go with marble columns. 

4. Marble Accents on Wall or Floor

You only want to use marble as part of the floor or wall to accent it. If you cover the entire wall or floor in the stone, it can have the opposite effect of appearing too cold and sterile. There many ways to accomplish this design.

One way is to use marble kitchen splashbacks. This will help create a focal spot in your kitchen and break the monotony of a plain wall.

If you’d rather add a marble accent to your floor, you can choose one spot to add an artistic flair. You could have a bit of marble used near the entrance to your home to immediately wow your visitors with a superb first impression.

5. Marble Lamps

To help tie your room’s decor together, try adding two marble lamps to either side of your bed. This makes the bed the focal point, while also adding beauty and elegance to the overall theme.

Marble Is an Investment

No matter what type of marble decor you decide to use, it will increase your home’s value and improve its aesthetic.

Marble is a classic stone that’s been used in architecture for centuries. It has stood the test of time as one of the most popular accent stones to work with.

We hope this guide helped you to decide what type of marble decor to choose for your home. If our tips delighted, we invite you to browse the rest of the site for further entertaining reads.