Vital Tips for using Windows 10

Windows 10 can be a fantastic operation system to use for any type of computer user. The operating system has gotten better over time due to the work Microsoft has been putting in for the past couple of decades. What if you’re worried that you won’t be able to use Windows 10 well enough though?

It can be quite difficult to use Windows 10 for those that are new to the operating system. You might also just want to look up some tips on how to use Windows 10 if you’re a bit rusty. Check out these vital tips all Windows 10 users should know about.

Emoji Keyboard

When you’re sending a message to a friend, you might feel bummed that you can’t send emojis to them like you can on a mobile device. Fortunately, Microsoft has solved this issue a couple of years with a more hidden feature called the Emoji Keyboard. With the Emoji keyboard, you’re able to search and type in any emoji you want.

To use the Emoji Keyboard, all you have to do is press the Windows and period key at the same time. You’ll then see a small window that pops up to let you type any emoji you want until you close the keyboard. In all, the Emoji Keyboard is a must-use if you’re someone constantly talk to your friends using your computer.

Window Snapping

It can be a bit frustrating having to work on a paper or important assignment when you’re having to juggle multiple applications at once. You do have ways that you can size windows so they both appear on your screen but you could find this process a bit time-consuming. Microsoft worked to fix this problem with what they call window snapping.

With window snapping, you can choose what side of the screen you want each application you have running to take up. To do this, turn an application to the boxed mode so it isn’t taking up your entire screen. You’ll then have to drag that application to the side of the screen you want it snapped on. After that, you’ll see a transparent window you can then drag that application further to, eventually making it so that window snaps where you want it. Make sure you use Window Snapping if you’re someone using multiple programs at once.

Safe Mode

Every so often, your computer can break to the point where you can’t get to your desktop. This can be due to various issues that can range from your graphics card breaking to a program being installed incorrectly. Fortunately, Microsoft has implemented Safe Mode so you can fix this issue.

To get into Safe Mode, you’ll have to first shut down your computer and start it again. Once you’ve started your computer, make sure that you immediately hold down the F8 button. You’ll then get a menu that lets you pick from multiple Safe Mode settings that allow you to configure your computer and surf the internet even while it’s seemingly broken. Look more into tips and tricks about Safe Mode if you think you’ll have to use the feature in the future.